Toyota finally has the power in electric cars

WATCH out, electric car battery makers - Toyo-ta Motor Corp has arrived.


Behind the myth of China's great technology grab

FOR all the concern over China's targeting of foreign intellectual property, how much forced transfer of leading-edge technology has really happened?...


Hyundai's plans seem short on substance

FOR a company that's been preoccupied fending off pressure from activist fund Elliott Management Corp., Hyundai Motor Group hasn't been too busy to roll out a string of big business announcements. ...


Far from leaving China anytime soon, GM has committed to going big there

SORRY, DONALD TRUMP: General Motors Co isn't leaving China anytime soon. It can't, and it won't....


China's SUV makers are steering towards trouble

UNLIKE their American peers' unceasing love for gas guzzlers, Chinese consumers are getting over them. The country's carmakers should recalibrate....


Trump's Mexico trade deal looks like a lemon

A CAR can look like a fantastic bargain on the lot, only to reveal itself as a lemon when you drive it away. It's not so different with trade agreements....