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Earlier this year, an Oxford Insights study ranked Singapore first globally for Artificial Intelligence (AI) readiness.

The familiar headwinds of global trade tensions, China’s domestic slowdown, and other geopolitical concerns such as Brexit and hotspots in the Middle East have dented consumer confidence and...

For businesses to success in any competitive market they need to be focused on value creation for stakeholders and provide that value in a differentiated way.

To thrive in a world where robotics and artificial intelligence technology is becoming more prevalent, today’s workers will need to acquire skills that can augment the capabilities of these...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a buzz in the business community and the heart of transforming the finance function.

Corporate malfeasance in the form of corruption and bribery is a major risk that many organisations have to deal with.

Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) could do more to shore up their cyber defences and such actions will not necessarily need very expensive investments, say observers.

Chief Financial Officers have an increasingly important role to play in countering the impact of cyberattacks on their...

Until now, the relatively slow speed of marketplace evolution has allowed wasteful habits to continue without consequence.

All forms of business operations and growth carry risks. Many organisations manage these risks by implementing some form of enterprise risk management (ERM) systems.