WHEN the Covid-19 outbreak led to safe distancing restrictions being implemented in Singapore, retail and F&B outlets faced a surge in contactless transactions. To navigate this changing...


SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore need to continuously assess their strategies and operations before government support starts to taper.

Corporate boards need to have an appropriate level of independence and diversity of thought to make decisions in the best interests of their companies.


EVERYONE seems to think that disruption in the car business applies to a growing number of oddball electric vehicle startups, but the Honda City is one example of a more sensible way to disturb...


SINGAPORE'S efforts to promote energy efficiency by businesses both big and small have reached an important milestone as the Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) programme marks the...


AS Germany marks 30 years of its unification on Oct 3, which is its national day, the country, in a significant step going forward, will be shifting its focus to the Indo-Pacific region. For the...


REMOTE working has largely been viewed as a boon for employees, but it could also yield advantages for employers.


Singapore-based Vital Solutions may be based in a traditional industry, but they are no stranger to pushing the envelope.


Adrian Tan, 64, is a busy man who runs an advertising agency. But the affable hardworking personality always finds time to play golf with his friends and business associates.