[TOKYO] Women have warm hands, their periods alter their sense of taste and they can't work long hours - just some of the claims from those in Japan who believe women can't be sushi chefs.


PERCEPTION is a powerful thing in F&B. It's what makes us line up at Shake Shack (in a different reality from now). Makes us dine at a restaurant like Gaggan and swear we've been kissed by the...

JAPANESE supermarket chain Aeon, Asia's biggest retailer by sales, said it aims to start selling eco-certified sushi this year amid growing demand for sustainable seafood and in time for an...

AS YOU WIPE off the last crumbs of mince pie or log cake and take your last sniff of a dying Christmas tree now emitting wafts of rancid pine, thoughts turn to, what else, food.

SUSHI restaurant operator Sakae Holdings on Thursday night said its first-quarter net loss widened to S$831,000 from S$366,000 a year ago, as a result of the group streamlining its operations.

SHIBUYA IS NOTHING if not for its coordinated chaos (coordinated to locals but mayhem to us), with its jungle of steel, concrete and neon lights that spell a metropolis on steroids.