FLOWERS HAVE THE power to brighten up any space, all the more so now that our own homes have become the focal point of our lives.

WASH YOUR HANDS. So we’re told repeatedly. But if soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer is the next best alternative.

ON AN AFTERNOON in late March, Odette’s chef Julien Royer and his team temporarily forgot their worries about a drop in diners and the difficulties of getting in imported produce, amid the...


Don’t stay home without this stylish addition to your residential workspace.

WHEN ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Augustin De Buffévent acquired 302-year-old French heritage brand Fauré Le Page about a decade ago, his mission was to give a sense of freedom to all its designs and...


WORKING FROM HOME? Orders that take too long to deliver? Sick of fast food?

Chanel’s iconic ring gets a mini makeover.