SIAS-initiated sessions mostly constructive, but not all are useful

THE heart-to-heart townhall meetings hosted by the Securities Investors' Association of Singapore (SIAS) to help companies' boards or management address disgruntled investors are no doubt useful...

Markets wait for Jerome Powell to set the tone

JEROME Powell's first major policy act as US Federal Reserve chairman will be closely watched, but it is what he says that will speak louder than what he does. ...

Central bank powwows to hog spotlight

AFTER a week of rocky trading, the Singapore bourse could quite possibly be headed for more choppiness with the tug of war between monetary policy and trade fears as the dominant trading theme set to continue this week.

STI extends losses to close 0.2% lower on Friday

THE Singapore bourse finished on Friday in much the same way as it spent most of the week's trading sessions - on a limp note, no thanks to Wall Street's key indices that put up a mixed showing as they struggled to keep up with fears over trade wars and its politics...

Singapore shares close 0.2% down

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse extended its losses for the third straight day with the key Straits Times Index (STI) down 5.6 points or 0.2 per cent to finish at 3,512.14 on Friday.

STI falls 0.6% as trade worries persist

ANOTHER day, another soft lead from Wall Street overnight. That and a quiet data day saw share prices in the Singapore bourse trading listlessly, with the key barometer closing lower alongside some regional peers as worries escalated over trade tensions that could harm the global economy.

Singapore shares close 0.6% lower

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed lower with the key Straits Times Index losing 21.7 points or to finish at 3,517.73 on Thursday.

STI falls 0.4% as regional markets weaken

A RETURN of risk-off sentiments drove the Singapore bourse's key index to snap four straight days of gains on Wednesday on the back of sharp declines in Wall Street overnight as political tension heightened once again in the US after another high-profile exit...

Singapore shares close 0.4% down

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed lower with the key Straits Times Index snapping four straight days of gains to finish 14.3 points or 0.4 per cent lower at 3,539.41 on Wednesday.

STI rises 0.4% ahead of key US data

THE local bourse's key Straits Times Index (STI) defied expectations after it snapped out of a weak start and began climbing in the second session, finishing higher for the fourth straight day against a mixed showing by regional peers. ...

Singapore shares close 0.4% higher

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed higher on Tuesday, with the key Straits Times Index gaining 13.5 points or 0.4 per cent to finish at 3,553.73.

STI up 1.6% on bullish US data, N Korea

IT wasn't quite rocket science to predict that share prices in the local bourse would climb on Monday after strong gains on Wall Street last Friday as traders embraced upbeat jobs data in the world's largest economy and were only too eager to forget - if only temporarily - fears of more...

Singapore shares close 1.6% higher on easing tariff fears, North Korean talks

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed higher, with the key Straits Times Index jumping 55 points or 1.6 per cent to finish at 3,540.19 on Monday.

No partial offer for Datapulse, says Ascapia

ONE day after Singapore-based Ascapia Capital said it was mulling a partial takeover of drama-hit Datapulse Technology, the hedge fund has informed the company that it has decided not to push ahead with the plan.

Singapore corporates churn out mixed bag of results

THERE were some shockers that stood out over Singapore's latest reporting season, but by and large, corporates churned out mixed cards while the sweet scent of dividend lay thick in the air, making it an extended "feel-good" Valentine's season for some. ...

Ascapia may make offer for Datapulse; faces suit over 'baseless claims'

SINGAPORE-BASED hedge fund Ascapia Capital, which already owns some 410,000 shares in cash-rich Datapulse Technology, is mulling a possible partial offer for the company in the hope of setting things right at the firm.

Local market could continue to feel unsettled

FRENETIC trading could stick around a little longer in Singapore and global equities this week with persisting concerns over potential trade wars and a more aggressive US monetary policy that could keep risk appetite deep in check.

STI tumbles nearly 1% amid global sell-off on tariff tremor

THE Singapore market was not spared from the sharp selloff in global equities after US President Donald Trump vowed to slap tariffs on steel and aluminium imports next week and sparked concerns of a potential global trade war and prices of goods racheting up amid heightened worries over inflation.

Three Datapulse investors move to rally the troops

THREE minority shareholders led by retired human resource manager Chew Ah Kong, who collectively own 200,000 shares of Datapulse Technology, are deeply vexed over the curious goings-on or "eruption of events" at the firm since last December's sudden ownership change that sparked a...

Singapore shares close nearly 1% down

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse fell on Friday, alongside other regional markets, with the key Straits Times Index shedding 34.65 points or nearly 1 per cent to finish at 3,479.2.

STI down 0.1% as investor caution reigns

IT was not a start to March that investors were hoping for on Thursday, as a sea of red engulfed the local bourse and regional markets following a rough tumble on Wall Street overnight amid uncertainty over the pace of rate hikes in the US.

Singapore shares close 0.12% lower

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed lower with the key Straits Times Index falling 4.09 points or 0.12 per cent to 3,513.85.

STI falls 0.6% on fears of faster rate hikes

KEEPING its head above water was near impossible for the Straits Times Index on the back of a feeble lead from Wall Street as anxiety clicked higher over the prospect of faster rate rises in the US after a much-anticipated testimony of the Federal Reserve's new chairman on the world's...

Singapore shares close 0.6% lower

SHARE prices in the Singapore bourse closed lower following weak leads from Wall Street with the key Straits Times Index losing 22.45 points or 0.6 per cent to finish at 3,517.94 on Wednesday.

STI falls as traders eye key Fed testimony

IT was downhill from the second half of the trading session for the Singapore bourse as investors stayed light ahead of a significant risk event - US Fed chairman Jerome Powell's inaugural semi-annual monetary policy testimony to Congress...