Singapore shares close 0.3% down on Tuesday

SINGAPORE stocks ended 0.3 per cent lower on Tuesday, with the Straits Times Index shedding 11.35 points to 3,476.53.

Pacific Radiance notes: SIAS calls Friday meeting

INVESTOR lobby group Securities Investors Association (Singapore), or SIAS, said it will hold an informal meeting for noteholders of Pacific Radiance's S$100 million 4.3 per cent medium-term notes due 2018...

Market continues to recover from sell-off

FRESH off a rebound last week, regional markets were sprightly again on Monday, bumping Singapore's benchmark Straits Times Index up 44.37 points, or 1.3 per cent, to 3,487.88...

Halcyon Agri increases stake in Ivory Coast rubber producer

NATURAL rubber supplier Halcyon Agri said it has increased its stake in Ivory Coast rubber producer Tropical Rubber Côte d'Ivoire SA (TRCI) by 18.8 percentage points. ...

SIAS to hold informal meeting on Friday for Pacific Radiance noteholders

INVESTOR lobby group Securities Investors Association (Singapore), or SIAS, said it will hold an informal meeting for noteholders to Pacific Radiance's S$100 million 4.3 per cent medium-term notes due later this year...

Singapore shares close 1.3% up on Monday

SINGAPORE stocks ended 1.3 per cent higher on Monday, with the Straits Times Index moving up 44.37 points to 3,487.88.

Sentiment positive as inflation picks up

INFLATION is coming, but instead of being scared of the "not too hot, not too cold" narrative of 2017 ending, market sentiment remains positive. ...

For China-backed startup, fund sales go online

ON A FLOOR in Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2 sits an alternative asset management giant on one side and on the other, a bank and a startup.

Is it game over for Midas Holdings?

THE script is all too familiar. A company makes grandiose promises to expand its business. Large sums are spent on new facilities. Unfortunately, the investments don't seem to lead to better cash flows or profitability. Debt grows...

Stay desperate, stay angry

THIS is the last Monday Multiple column from me, for now.

Word of the week: Premature

WHAT a week to remember. Traders are scrambling to reprice financial assets after a euphoric rise in the past year. Volatility, long expected to return, has done so with a bang. On Friday, China companies involved in banking, insurance, oil and gas, and property were hit especially hard.

Singapore shares close 1.1% down on Friday in broad market selloff

SINGAPORE stocks ended 1.1 per cent lower on Friday, with the Straits Times Index retreating 38.66 points to 3,377.24.

DBS drags Singapore market out of bed

IN A rollercoaster of a day, the market, grappling with volatility, was in a funk for many hours. But sterling results from DBS Bank singlehandedly pushed the benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) above the 3,400-point mark.

Singapore shares close above 3,400 level on Thursday

SINGAPORE stocks finished almost 1 per cent higher on Thursday, with the Straits Times Index rising 32.13 points to 3,415.90.

As US equities aim for the stars, Europe, Japan stocks still within reach

AS markets keep going higher, investor focus has shifted to Europe and Japan, the other two major developed markets deemed to be further behind the US on the business cycle.

Markets see clear skies ahead amid summer breeze

IF 2017 heralded the onset of spring in the financial markets, 2018 is turning out to be full-blown summer.

Amid high US valuations, tech and banks still a draw

IN the US, valuations have been deemed expensive for some time. Yet fund managers see continued potential in at least two themes: Technology and banks.

Can these consumer Ds turn into As?

TURNAROUND plays are tough to figure out. Many frogs have been kissed but still remain frogs. Strong companies tend to stay strong. Weak ones tend to stay in the dumps.

JEP trade surge raises burning questions

THE Singapore stock market is not a fair one. Through the years, this writer has become all too familiar with how confidential information can get leaked before it gets announced. People in the know can take a punt to their advantage.

SGX introduces dual-class shares and unveils debt issue plans

AS COMPETITION between exchanges for hot tech listings heats up, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is gunning for growth.

Fixed deposit deals for scaredy-cats

DISTURBED by how markets keep going up? Feeling left out of the cryptocurrency boom (or bust)? Think it's too late to make any return on your money? Have no fear. Thanks to US Fed rate hikes, we are now getting an opportunity to earn some kind of return on our savings...

Divestments, lower costs help raise SPH Q1 profit by 32%

SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) is starting to benefit from cash streams from its other investments amid a decline in its media segment.

SPH Q1 profit up 32% to S$60m on investment income boost

Media and property group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) reported net profit of S$60.4 million for its first quarter ended November 30, 2017, up 32 per cent from S$45.7 million a year ago.

STI slips 4.2 points to 3,520.45

THE weather might be rather sloppy, and many regional indices wilted in the damp. Singapore's benchmark Straits Times Index similarly ended down 4.2 points or 0.1 per cent to 3,520.45...

Singapore shares hang on above 3,500 points as Venture nears dotcom high

SINGAPORE stocks ended 0.1 per cent lower on Wednesday, with the Straits Times Index dropping 4.2 points to 3,520.45.