What expats like and are peeved about in Singapore

EXPATRIATES rate Singapore highly as a relocation centre, but fret about its high property, rental and living costs.

Jockeying for ECB, BOE successors is underway

TWO vital central bank changes are due to take place in 2019. They are the successors of Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank (ECB) and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England (BOE).

Oil prices, China help Russia survive sanctions

RUSSIA has managed to overcome sanctions because of higher oil and gas prices and China's trade and investment...

Britain will find it hard to freeze Russian assets

DESPITE many threats, the UK government will find it exceedingly difficult to freeze Russian assets unless it can prove links to criminality.

Britain enters final Brexit talks with listless economy, high debt

THE UK is heading into the final stretch of the Brexit negotiations bogged down with the twin problems of a sluggish economy and high debt.

World's central bankers mull over digital currency

CENTRAL banks have taken the first united step in the potential issuance of digital currencies.

UK PM unites Tory factions but faces uphill battle with EU

THERESA May has managed to temporarily unite the Tory factions over Brexit, but the question is whether she can persuade the EU to compromise.

EU plans to hit back if Trump imposes his tariffs

THE planned retaliation by the European Union (EU) against US President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs is a warning that the global economy is at risk of a trade war...

Italy's election results give euro and Italian stocks and bonds a jolt

THE euro-sceptic populist, right-wing, anti-immigration parties have done better than expected. Italy has now entered a period of political and economic instability while parties form alliances to gain power.

Rise in far-right populism rocks Italian polls

POLLS ahead of March 4 election indicate that Italy is heading for political gridlock - a dramatic rise in far-right populism is behind the uncertainty.

Fraud and graft in India and China weakening their economies: studies

THE failure of the Chinese and Indian authorities to clear up fraud and corruption has weakened both their economies.

Fallout from alleged diamond-debt fraud continues

THE alleged diamond debt fraud in India has severe implications for the global gem and banking businesses.

British government seeks to win over Brexit detractors at home and in Europe

THE British government is to embark on an EU and home offensive to persuade detractors that Brexit can have positive outcomes.

Tighter control of cryptocurrencies needed: BIS

THE Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has issued a stark warning to central bankers who are behind the cryptocurrency curve.

Eurosceptics threaten to oust British Premier May

EUROSCEPTICS intend to oust British Prime Minister Theresa May if she opts for a Brexit that comprises the EU's customs union...

Eurozone growth picks up but ECB holds steady

ACCELERATING eurozone growth is unlikely to encourage the European Central Bank (ECB) to end quantitative easing (QE) and raise interest rates.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies likely to tighten

CRYPTOCURRENCIES are likely to remain in the world's financial landscape, albeit under a regulated regime...

UK Brexit negotiators set for struggle to find good deal for London

BRITISH banks, asset managers, insurance and pension funds won't have full access to the European Union's (EU) single market after Brexit, French President Emmanuel Macron has warned. ...

UK voters don't want referendum but regret Brexit decision: Poll

BRITISH voters are sick and tired of referendums, but if there were one, the majority would probably vote remain in the European Union (EU).

Fed's quantitative tightening likely to hit consumer spending

TIGHTER money, rising interest rates, low savings and high debt could confound optimistic US, European and Asian economic expectations.

Bond market players sanguine amid warning signs

GLOBAL market participants are sanguine about bond markets despite economic and financial warning signs.

Bursting of bitcoin bubble gives timely boost to gold

THE bursting of the bitcoin cryptocurrency bubble has boosted gold in the past few weeks.

Trade in goods, services features in tough Brexit negotiations

EIGHTEEN months since the referendum in June 2016, the UK and the European Union (EU) are only now ready for challenging trade negotiations.

Eurozone revival exceeds expectations, but chronic structural, cyclical issues remain

THE eurozone economy has exceeded the gloomy consensus forecasts that were prevalent 12 months ago, but deep-seated structural and cyclical problems remain.

Looks like a soft Brexit for now

THE fine print of last week's UK agreement with the European Union (EU), indicates that the UK government is leaning towards a "soft Brexit"...