UK voters don't want referendum but regret Brexit decision: Poll

BRITISH voters are sick and tired of referendums, but if there were one, the majority would probably vote remain in the European Union (EU).

Fed's quantitative tightening likely to hit consumer spending

TIGHTER money, rising interest rates, low savings and high debt could confound optimistic US, European and Asian economic expectations.

Bond market players sanguine amid warning signs

GLOBAL market participants are sanguine about bond markets despite economic and financial warning signs.

Bursting of bitcoin bubble gives timely boost to gold

THE bursting of the bitcoin cryptocurrency bubble has boosted gold in the past few weeks.

Trade in goods, services features in tough Brexit negotiations

EIGHTEEN months since the referendum in June 2016, the UK and the European Union (EU) are only now ready for challenging trade negotiations.

Eurozone revival exceeds expectations, but chronic structural, cyclical issues remain

THE eurozone economy has exceeded the gloomy consensus forecasts that were prevalent 12 months ago, but deep-seated structural and cyclical problems remain.

Looks like a soft Brexit for now

THE fine print of last week's UK agreement with the European Union (EU), indicates that the UK government is leaning towards a "soft Brexit"...

Britain and May need good trade deal with EU

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit team will have to negotiate a good trade deal with the European Union (EU). If the team fails, she might well have to fall on her sword.

Brexit settlement more than doubles; sterling rises almost 2%

A UK "Brexit" settlement offer, which has more than doubled to 40-50 billion euros (S$64-80 billion), has opened the gate to trade talks with the EU...

Hammond pumps £25b into UK economy to counter slowdown

BRITISH Finance Minister Philip Hammond is pumping £25 billion (S$45 billion) into the UK economy to counter a slowdown.

EU budget deficit intractable problem for Brexit

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May and her "Brexit" negotiating team need to embark on serious creative thinking to persuade the European Union (EU) to begin trade negotiations...

US' estimated tab for Middle East wars since 9/11 is US$4.4t - and rising fast

THE cost of US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria has soared to US$4.4 trillion since 9/11, and has been estimated to rise to US$5.6 trillion in the coming years.

Derivatives' decline - a danger sign?

A DECLINE in global derivatives trading to their lowest levels since 2007, is regarded as an indication that global markets have become sanguine.

EU and other nations grappling with how to counter offshore tax avoidance

THE Paradise Papers are once again causing governments to grapple with ways to counter offshore tax avoidance.

Millionaires and super-millionaires grow in Asia by 400,000 to 5.5m in 2016

THE eight-year long global equity bull market has boosted the wealth of the Asian-Pacific rich and super-rich to extraordinary levels.

Cutting-edge tech helps Sarine add sparkle to diamond grading

SARINE Technologies, the Singapore Exchange-listed Israeli diamond specialist technology firm, is making rapid advancements in the automated grading of diamonds.

Indian diamond dealers on industry's watch list

DIAMOND dealers in Israel and Belgium are closely monitoring several indebted Indian diamond dealers and manufacturers.

Spanish stocks rally as Catalonia postpones independence declaration

THE Spanish stock market rallied sharply and the euro appreciated slightly after Catalonia's leader Carles Puigdemont bowed to economic reality...

Markets hold their breath; hope Catalonia will step back from brink

THE euro, Spanish and European stock markets hardly moved on Monday, in the hope that Catalonia will step back from the brink.

UK, European businesses, public fed-up over slow Brexit talks

THE British public and UK and European businesses are increasingly frustrated that the Brexit negotiations are failing to make progress. The appeal is for flexibility on both sides.

UK launches drive to bolster its legal sector

THE UK's solicitors and barristers have embarked on a vigorous campaign in Singapore to retain and boost clients in an effort to counter potential Brexit setbacks...

Catalonia vote another sign of European populist discontent

CONSERVATIVE Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy has blundered by pursuing a heavy-handed approach to prevent an unconstitutional referendum in Catalonia.

Weakened Merkel stokes business uncertainty, though markets stay calm

THE euro and European stock markets hardly reacted to the weaker position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, even though business groups fear a period of uncertainty.

ETFs, ETPs behind stock boom, but could worsen its bust

PASSIVE investment has become so popular that it is a key reason for the ongoing bull market.

Don't ignore signs of vulnerability in financial system: BIS

THE Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has issued yet another stark warning that lessons have not been learnt from the financial crash.