Art for ants

South African painter Lorraine Loots believes that small is beautiful. Her works depicting everyday objects, people and landscape scenes are often no bigger than a 50-cent coin; in fact, Loots says she is painting for ants.

A new moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival tells the story of Chang'e and Hou Yi. In the very distant past, 10 suns had risen together into the skies and scorched the earth. ...

Peter Teo

THE NEW PS.CAFE at One Fullerton was meant to

Design cycle

Lifestyle retailer Naiise is partnering oBike Singapore for Design Circuit, a one-day event on Sept 9, that combines design and cycling.

Finnish your meal

To commemorate Finland's 100th anniversary, Finnish design house Marimekko is collaborating with Equilibrium restaurant. The restaurant is offering two special menus that combine Nordic cuisine with its Mediterranean origins...

Upping the steaks

On Sept 8, meat fans will want to head over to the idyllic Seletar enclave for some serious BBQ.

Mighty mini

The new KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer is 20 per cent smaller and 25 per cent lighter than its Classic cousin, but don't underestimate its power...

Design around the world

Even after 15 years, the London Design Festival is still a key event in the city's cultural calendar, and on the itineraries of industry folks as well as the local public and overseas visitors...

Bigger and better

Who says shopping for a toilet bowl can be a fun and exciting affair? When you've been the sole distributor of TOTO sanitary products since 1979, you've had a long time to learn just what makes a homeowner want to pull your flush. In its latest, biggest 20,000 sq ft showroom, W Atelier...

Making scents

Inspired by key moments throughout the course of a day at PS.Cafe, the homegrown brand is unveiling three signature fine soaps that have been thoughtfully conceptualised to offer contemporary scents and bold design. Each soap has a unique identity with healing and anti-bacterial properties.

Rice and shine

We know of sake, but what about Amazake? Japanese for "sweet wine", Amazake is an alcohol-free beverage made from fermented rice, with no added sugar. It has been extolled as an all-round elixir for wellness and well-being...

Wine Not?

The 1-Group which runs restaurants such as One Rochester, 1-Altitude, Monti at The Fullerton Pavilion, The Garage and The Summerhouse is holding its first ever wine event.

Take notes

Not to be confused with the Nicholas Sparks bestseller, Notebook Vol 2: Inkling is an exhibition highlighting the collaborative relationship between design and print in that most basic and versatile of mediums - the notebook.

Built for the tropics

IF SHE wanted to follow the design du jour, banking professional C Huang would have built her house with the large glass windows, sleek steel structures and concrete walls that are all the rage now.

Passion pursuits

Dhiren Doshi

That's the Spirit

Mystic Island is visual artist and motion graphics designer Reza Hasni's tongue-in-cheek illustrated journey of his interactions with spiritual folks in Singapore...

A Five-Story Meal

Pollen, the restaurant at Gardens by the Bay, celebrates its fifth anniversary with a special five-course menu.

Standing Tall

Hospices don't have to be depressing places, going by the brief given by the new Assisi Hospice to make the space "less hospital-like"...

Another milestone in great landmarks

THROW a stone in Marina Centre or on Orchard Road, and chances are that it will hit a building that has been designed by DP Architects.

Lelong Lelong

Show your support for local designers at Singapasar, the design-centre pasar malam.

Communal cooking

A first of its kind in Singapore, the OUE Social Kitchen

Home Front

Houseproud homeowners know that putting up a piece of artwork is the quickest way to dress up a wall. But it is not all that simple. First, there is the right piece of artwork to consider.

Life in graphics

Design store and gallery K+'s latest exhibitor is Japanese graphic artist Takora Futori, best known for his love of pop-pattern-based graphics...

Young 'uns and top guns

AT the age of 10, Dylan Soh did what few kids his age do: he gave his first TEDx talk in Singapore. It was about urban farming. When he was 12, he gave his second talk - to an audience of 1,800 people, about a book his father wrote and which he illustrated, about self-confidence, empathy and...

Jeannie Javelosa

Nearly ten years ago, Filipino friends Jeannie Javelosa, Pacita Juan and Reena Francisco were at dinner, wondering what to do with the rest of their lives. Each ran her own successful business, but was looking for something that would be less stressful, make her happy and allow her to give back to...