Local flavour

Let's make board games great again. Scene Shang has partnered local design studio forest&whale to make a Chinese chess set with a difference. Instead of wooden pieces, this one is made of brass, machined and polished by local auto parts maker Hup Yick...

Hide & Sleek

Remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, where the magic phrase "Open Sesame" reveals a cave overflowing with hidden treasure? ...

Keisuke Takeda

KEISUKE Takeda could well be the Japanese, modern-day version of King Midas. Everything he touches - mostly bowls of ramen and tendon, that is - all turn to gold. There are constant queues every day at all his 12 restaurants in Singapore which include Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King, Ginza Tendon...

Marks of good design

A WELL-DESIGNED product is greatly appreciated, regardless of whether you are a practising designer, or just a consumer making use of it.

Vancouver condo set for Singapore launch

ALL eyes are on renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma in the next few years. The 62-year-old is designing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics National Stadium, and is designing his first tall building in North America - a residential tower in Vancouver with a curved silhouette.

My Weekend

"Our weekends are usually determined by how crazy the week's been...

Interiors with style

THE first ever Singapore Interior Designer Awards (SIDA) is off to a great start. The annual event organised by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) recognises and honours design excellence in the global interior design industry.

Reuben Ang

Reuben Ang knew which career path he would take, even when he was in primary school.

Designs that inspire

WITH over 100 events happening during Singapore Design Week, design buffs are spoilt for choice on how best to spend their time.

Stylish Sleepovers

Hotel Mono

Dairy Goodness

In the same way that wine needs aging to develop the kind of complexity that makes it such a journey of discovery for connoisseurs, cheese that is served when it is mature makes all the difference.

Guest Chef: Fine Dining For All

In Singapore, where most food ingredients have to be imported, dining out at a regular restaurant can be a costly affair, much less fine dining.

Little Shop Of Wonder

Its name conjures up images of a magic shop or whimsical toy store, but the owner of Shop Wonderland creates fantasies out of floral blooms in her new flower-cafe in Telok Ayer.

Dynamic Dyson

AT the newly opened Dyson Technology Centre at Science Park 1, there is a James Dyson quote on the wall that says: "As engineers, we have to see beyond existing technology and ask: 'Is there a better way?'" ...

House Style

Savvy homeowners know that the Eunos light industrial estate is slowly turning into a one-stop destination for home renovations, with several tile and timber showrooms, and furniture stores.

Finnish Sample

You don't think to pack a swimsuit in your backpack when you're only going to be in transit on your way to Europe. But if you have a few hours to spend in Helsinki before catching your next flight, don't leave home without it...

Calm Under Pressure

Cooking in a restaurant can be a stressful affair, what with sharp knives, hot stoves and picky and impatient diners with their long list of allergies.

Private Enclosure

The brief for architect Robin Tan was simple but firm: "I want a house with four walls and no windows". ...

Peter Cheok

It is the first day of Chinese New Year, and while most people are up and about visiting relatives, Peter Cheok is still in bed. Having only slept at 6am, he will be up at noon, then head to his in-law's for lunch, and ending the day with his own family for dinner. The actual visiting only...

Crowning Glory

A few stalks of pussy willow or plum blossoms will add a festive touch, especially in this gold stamped vase with a rooster engraved on it. There are only 888 pieces worldwide.

Icelandic Cool

Iceland. If you've ever been there, or seen photos of it, there's no debate as to how stunning the landscape is. The waterfalls, glaciers and thermal pools - all add up to a jaw-dropping rugged look that no man can replicate...

Dennis Tay

Dennis Tay knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur even before he started Naiise, the retail store for all things well-designed. He knew it before he enrolled in entrepreneurship at the Singapore Institute of Management-RMIT University. In fact, he knew it even before PSLE.

Designer works

WHETHER you are a practising designer, a design student, or just someone who appreciates a well-designed product, you're in for a treat...

My Weekend

"While most people like to sleep in on the weekends, I am usually up early madly cycling away at Cru Cycle at Duxton Road. I love getting my heart rate up and getting sweaty...

Port of Call

When it comes to vacationing in Australia, Melbourne and Sydney usually top the list. But there's more to the country than city life, great food and coffee...