Raw Appeal

Adi Tatarko

Years ago, married couple Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen were faced with a challenge that most homeowners would find familiar. Where to get ideas to remodel their 1950s ranch home in Palo Alto, and how to find the right people to do it?

My Weekend

"Weekends are the precious two days that I get to spend with my husband Jamie and my children Corum and Cara, especially when I travel for work every five to 10 days...

Milan Elan

Despite its simple appearance, this lamp will be a conversation starter. The work of design practice neri&hu, the tinted glass shade is a modest attachment that branches off the main support to gently shield the light.

Open House

Nestled inside Telok Kurau estate is what appears to be an old house, still untouched by the wave of contemporary re-building that's common in many an older neighborhood. Except that this isn't just an old house - it's One Kind House, quirkily named by Calvin Soh, former vice-...

Building Against The Odds

George and Lysa Goh thought they struck gold, when they bought a plot of land off Holland Road a few years ago. The 2000 sq m plot of land had a house in the middle, built in the 1930s for a British civil servant.

Home improvement (Amended)

Do you feel stressed and think of work, even when you're lounging at home? Your choice of furniture could be to blame...

Championing the green cause

ON April 30, nearly 10,000 participants took part in a competitive run that took them through Gardens By The Bay, Marina Barrage and The Singapore Flyer. But this was no ordinary run. The participants were racing towards a "Zero Waste" future at the Income Eco Run...

Whisky Mystery

Head into a whisky bar and that's what you see - bottles upon bottles of amber gold, of every age and distillation. ...

Staff Stuff

Ragout of wild boar and pappardelle, and braised pork belly with fried rice and baby kai lan, are dishes you won't find on the menu at Bacchanalia, but they are what the restaurant and kitchen staff eat for lunch in between service...

My weekend

Weekends are a most precious commodity to me purely because these are the two days when I can dedicate my time to my family, especially with my kids Renn and Aira.

Drawn To Murals

During the week, finance director Yip Yew Chong has his mind on numbers. But on weekends, he has his hands full with paint brushes.

Shop & savour

Ever bought a piece of well-marbled Wagyu beef or a slab of omega-rich salmon at a supermarket and wished that you could enjoy them right away?

Living Large in Black and White

Most people dream about living in Singapore's black-and-white houses, and this Norwegian family is no different...

Growing global

TUCKED in a shelf in Dempsey's COMO Marketplace - which curates artisanal food products from Asia - is a range of Kampot peppercorns from Cambodia, promising to do for pepper what Himalayan pink sea salt has done for table salt...

Travis Chia

GOT a party and need some alcohol in a jiffy? Your best bet is to give Travis Chia, or more specifically, his company, Alcohol Delivery a call. Set up in 2012, the company promises to deliver alcohol within an hour, and more importantly, chilled, if necessary.

Shop artisanal, chill, tuck in

THE local edition of the pop-up creative market that is famous in Bangkok will open in Singapore on two weekends this month.

My Weekend


Spanish Transition

The first quarter of 2017 is barely over but Spanish chef Jose Luis "Chele" Gonzalez is on a roll. The 41-year-old just got married, his modern Spanish restaurant Gallery Vask in Manila came in 35th on the Asia's Best 50 Restaurant list, and he recently concluded a very successful...

Sneaky Clean

Local flavour

Let's make board games great again. Scene Shang has partnered local design studio forest&whale to make a Chinese chess set with a difference. Instead of wooden pieces, this one is made of brass, machined and polished by local auto parts maker Hup Yick...

Hide & Sleek

Remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, where the magic phrase "Open Sesame" reveals a cave overflowing with hidden treasure? ...

Keisuke Takeda

KEISUKE Takeda could well be the Japanese, modern-day version of King Midas. Everything he touches - mostly bowls of ramen and tendon, that is - all turn to gold. There are constant queues every day at all his 12 restaurants in Singapore which include Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King, Ginza Tendon...

Marks of good design

A WELL-DESIGNED product is greatly appreciated, regardless of whether you are a practising designer, or just a consumer making use of it.

Vancouver condo set for Singapore launch

ALL eyes are on renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma in the next few years. The 62-year-old is designing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics National Stadium, and is designing his first tall building in North America - a residential tower in Vancouver with a curved silhouette.