SHAREHOLDERS of global oil giants will be "drowned" in cash from dividends and buybacks for the next 20 years as the firms shift their capital structure to finance renewable projects, according to...

[BUDAPEST] Nuclear power is losing ground to renewables in terms of both cost and capacity as its reactors are increasingly seen as less economical and slower to reverse carbon emissions, an...

GERMANY, a poster child for responsible energy, is renouncing nuclear and coal. The problem is, say many power producers and grid operators, it may struggle to keep the lights on.

THE world needs explosive growth in renewable energy for the next three decades, but even that probably won't be enough to forestall catastrophic climate change.

[TOKYO] Taiwan's offshore wind drama looks set to come to a breezy end next week.

ROYAL Dutch Shell has taken a 49 per cent stake in Cleantech Solar, a Singapore-based developer of solar energy systems, with the possibility to increase its position after 2021.

AS the world transitions to a lower carbon future, so must the industries powering the economy.