SET in 2019, cult 1980s movie Blade Runner envisaged a neon-stained landscape of bionic "replicants" genetically engineered to look just like humans.

[WASHINGTON] Robot shipments are expected to jump 39 per cent from 2018 to 2022 from a record annual sales level of US$16.5 billion last year, according to the World Robotics report.

[NEW YORK] More than 120 million workers globally will need retraining in the next three years due to artificial intelligence's (AI) impact on jobs, according to an IBM survey.

CONSTANT technological innovation is a hallmark of the industrial era. The first industrial revolution brought mechanisation, steam and water power to the Western world in the late-18th to early-...

FROM robot cleaners to kitchen sinks that turn food waste into fertiliser, the environmental services industry has been evolving to tackle challenges like manpower constraints.

WHEN HSBC Holdings thwarted a US$500 million central bank heist, sophisticated computer software failed to raise the alarm.

[LONDON] When HSBC Holdings Plc thwarted a US$500 million central-bank heist, sophisticated computer software didn't raise the alarm. The funds flowed undetected from Angola's reserves to a...

[TOKYO] Toyota Motor Corp has designs on making robot helpers for your home, and has enlisted a Japanese startup that specialises in artificial intelligence to jump-start its plan.

MADE-in-Singapore robots that clean up public spaces - and sing and rap while at it - will be available island-wide by March next year.


THE last five decades have witnessed several advances in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery).