THE second decade in the current millennium comes to an end with lots of uncertainty as well as hope.

SINGAPORE has once again been ranked as the number one in the world in food security, according to the Global Food Security Index (GFSI) 2019. While the country fared well on the parameters of...

[TOKYO] Singapore, home to some of the planet's most affluent people, shouldn't have to worry about going hungry -- except when you factor in the threat of climate change.

IN a changing global food system responding to population growth and climate change, the importance of maintaining a dynamic and innovative food industry will take on a new significance. A recent...


SINGAPORE'S food import vulnerability is a major opportunity for Israeli companies that have the experience to assist the island nation in boosting its food security, says SIFOOD, an investment...


WHEN it comes to doing business these days, be it in Singapore or elsewhere, the buzzword is sustainability.

Raavee Shankar & Yuvanesh Tamil Selvan, co-founders of Asia Insect Farm Solutions (AIFS) share more on how insects are an alternative source of protein.


WITH millions of people flying around the world every day, the amount of waste generated after each journey is not small, to put it mildly.