THE GREAT RAMAYANA epic was first committed to Sanskrit in the 5th or 4th century BC.

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Cook like a two Michelin starred-chef with A Dash of Szechwan, a cookbook by Executive Chef Chen Kentaro, who helms Shisen Hanten at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

FANS started queuing as early as 6am on Saturday, the first day of the Takashi Murakami art exhibition at STPI, Singapore’s premier gallery.

CUBAN-BORN BALLET SUPERSTAR Carlos Acosta is set to perform at the Esplanade's annual festival da:ns in October. Acosta is regarded as one of the best male dancers of all time, often ranking a few...

CLARA CHEO, 54, came of age at a time when the concept of the “blockbuster” was just being invented.

LET’S FACE IT: We’re all part of the problem when it comes to global warming. Our carbon footprint is likely to be appalling compared to someone who doesn’t live in a city. And we continue to...

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FORGET GAME OF Thrones . The TV show that global audiences almost unanimously agree is a masterpiece is the recently-concluded HBO series Chernobyl.