[LONDON] A man died after falling into a river on Sunday as Storm Dennis swept across Britain with the army drafted in to help deal with heavy flooding and high winds.

[MELBOURNE] A tropical cyclone expected to hit Western Australia on Saturday was forecast to bring ferocious winds and a potentially dangerous storm tide, while much of the bushfire-battered east...

[MELBOURN] Australia's key iron exporting ports have been cleared ahead of a cyclone that is due to make landfall on Saturday, the port authority said on Friday.

THE European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), one of the most accurate predictors of global weather, is upgrading its supercomputer to improve its models and fine-tune...

[JAKARTA] Jakarta's governor has been hit with a lawsuit filed by residents of the sprawling city after torrential rain sparked floods and landslides that killed dozens and left thousands homeless...

[MANILA] The death toll from Typhoon Phanfone's battering of the Philippines on Christmas Day has risen to 28, and will likely climb further, authorities said on Friday.

[MANILA] A typhoon that swept across remote villages and popular tourist areas of the central Philippines on Christmas Day claimed at least 16 lives, authorities said on Thursday.

[MANILA] Typhoon Phanfone pummelled the central Philippines on Christmas Day, bringing a wet and miserable holiday season to millions in the mainly Catholic nation.

[MANILA] The death toll from Typhoon Kammuri rose to 17 people after destroying houses and displacing hundreds of thousands on its path across the Philippines.

[MANILA] At least one person has died in the Philippines and tens of thousands have been evacuated as Typhoon Kammuri moved closer to the main Luzon island.