MULTINATIONAL corporations and banks are changing tack in their hiring strategies, as they increasingly find themselves in competition with startups and the gig economy for young talent.

[WASHINGTON] If you're the type that likes to characterise millennials as basement-dwelling moochers who can't fend for themselves in the real world, have we got news for you. A new survey...

[NEW YORK] When Summer Rayne Oakes' roommate moved out of their apartment in Brooklyn, she was left with more than just a vacant bedroom...


THERE are two themes I find endlessly fascinating about real estate. One is its enormous role in the financial crisis. The other is the steep decline in homeownership after the crisis.

CITIES and close-in suburbs looking to the future see a troubling trend: The millennials who rejuvenated their downtowns over the past decade are growing older and beginning to leave.

[NEW YORK] Millennials looking to enter the housing market might not be cheering the Republican tax plan.

JUNIOR office workers once had a fairly predictable set of daily tasks. Write the sales memo. Build the PowerPoint. Make the coffee.

RYAN Ferguson rode into Washington with other millennials who arrived en masse after the Great Recession.


SPEAKING to bankers, you'd think that millennials are some sort of alien species. Will they bite? If I stop feeding them avocado toast, will they retaliate with a snarky hashtag that I cannot...

STOCKS of large US home builders and building materials companies are poised to rise as millennials age and need housing, according to Bill Smead, the chief executive of Smead Capital Management.