Dileep Nair

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How might corporate Singapore reach the target of 20 per cent female directors in listed companies by 2020?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How may businesses in Singapore reduce their carbon footprint and help mitigate climate change?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you see the move to enable older Singaporeans to stay employed for longer? What changes, if any, would your organisation make in light of the upcoming increase in...

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: As Singapore turns 54, what is the most pressing issue facing the country?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you see the impact of digital banks in Singapore? What potential risks should we watch for?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What benefits and perks are truly valued by your employees? Are these measures effective in achieving their aims, namely attracting and retaining staff, and improving motivation...

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How should the concept of labour be updated for the new economy? What key traits would be most critical for a future-ready workforce?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How might the Central Business District be rejuvenated and turned into a "work-live-play" precinct that can stay vibrant well beyond working hours?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What is essential for an organisation to cultivate an innovation culture? How do you as a business leader bring innovation to the workplace?...