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RedMart launches online app to deliver within one hour of purchase

A worker picking grocery items according to customer orders at local online grocery retailer RedMart's warehouse at Jalan Terusan on 17 July 2014.

SINGAPORE-BASED online grocery service provider RedMart has launched an on-demand marketplace, RedMart Relay, which will allow customers to order products from participating food and retail partners.

These products, including food, household items, apparel and electronic items will be delivered by "Runners" - personal shoppers who go to the participating stores, purchase the products, and deliver directly to the customer, within one hour of ordering.

Roger Egan, RedMart's co-founder and CEO, said the company, which he helped establish in 2011, aspires to become an "everything store", delivering just about anything to anyone at any time.

"With the launch of RedMart Relay, we are extending our marketplace model to be on-demand, where we collect from retail partners or restaurants and deliver directly to our customers within an hour.

"We have more engaged customers, with more frequent repeat purchases," he added.

"Our customers buy from us around twice a month and that frequency is increasing. With RedMart Relay, we can now develop an even deeper relationship with our customers and deliver a much wider range of products to them, whenever they want.

Mr Egan added that his company can offer customers and marketplace partners' faster, cheaper delivery than "software only" marketplaces which typically partner with third party couriers. "We encourage any retailer who is looking to leverage the e-commerce wave to contact us and see how RedMart Relay can help grow their business."