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LG SIGNATURE is the essence of style

LG Electronics ups the ante with LG SIGNATURE, an ultra-premium brand of home appliances and consumer electronics that are sleek and functional


If you are searching for products that boast the perfect marriage of design and craftsmanship, it is time to discover LG SIGNATURE.

LG’s new ultra-premium brand comprises products that are aesthetically pleasing yet outstanding in performance, design and usability. They will certainly appeal to busy urbanites who only have time for the best and finest that technology has to offer.


LG SIGNATURE aims to transform everyday products into sophisticated and reliable inventions that will serve your needs stylishly from start to finish.

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This includes a sleek wallpaper OLED TV, a sophisticated TWINWashTM washing machine, a breathtaking InstaViewTM Door-in-Door® refrigerator, and a futuristic-looking air purifier.

Boasting graceful elegance and top-notch performance, the LG SIGNATURE products offer a hassle-free, efficient and luxurious experience.

Each of the four products attests to the unwavering philosophy behind LG SIGNATURE— The Art of Essence.


Embodying the peak of design excellence, top performance and usability, the products were conceptualised by understanding users’ needs and translating that understanding into a stylish suite of products.

At the heart of the philosophy is an unwavering desire to stay true to the essence and intrinsic nature of each product — through aesthetics that are minimalist yet graceful.

Only when a product’s core essence is uncompromised can its greatness shine through.

By only including essential features, an intuitive and ergonomic product is achieved.

This offers a state-of-the-art user experience that is only possible by the cornerstones of The Art of Essence working in tandem seamlessly.


Here are the four products that encompass the range:


The sleekest television set to grace your wall, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7 adds a touch of sophistication to your living room while delivering unparalleled performance.

An award-winning TV, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W-series picked up more than 20 awards at the recent 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including the coveted CES Best of Innovation Award in its 77-inch class.

Boasting a Picture-on-Wall design, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7 strips away unnecessary elements to emphasise the beauty of the screen alone, leaving just an ultra-thin panel that is only 2.57mm thin in the 65-inch model. The thinness enables the TV to be directly mounted on the wall with minimal gaps, using only magnetic brackets. The result is a TV that looks like a piece of wall art.

The W7 series is built on LG OLED’s revolutionary pixel dimming control technology, delivering perfect black and limitless contrast ratio to enjoy better and clearer visual contrast, especially when viewing darker scenes that bring out a deeper shade of black that is 200 times darker.

Taking a step further to create an entertainment powerhouse, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7 is the first in the world to offer Dolby Atmos® for a powerful, moving audio that offers a full 360° surround sound effect.

Coupled with the support of widest range of HDR formats, including the premium HDR content mastered by Dolby VisionTM, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7 delivers an unrivaled cinematic experience at home.

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

A combination of innovation and advanced technology, this refrigerator’s sophisticated design is set to revolutionise the way refrigerators are conceptualised.

Taking LG’s successful Door-in-Door® design a step further, the design maestros behind the refrigerator have added an InstaViewTM Door-in-Door® feature.

All it takes are two knocks for the opaque glass panel to turn transparent. This allows the user to see what is in the refrigerator at a glance without having to open the door, reducing cold air loss, hence saving energy.

Its stainless steel interior retains cold air more effectively, while its Hygiene Fresh+TM feature keeps food fresh for longer.

With the addition of new features, the stylish refrigerator has become even more intuitive. Its Auto Door Open feature opens the Door-in-Door compartment when you approach it, allowing you access even if your arms are full. The freezer drawers also automatically slide out when the bottom doors are opened, providing greater convenience to the users.

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine

The minimalistic and intelligent design of this 24-inch front-load washing machine enables you to wash two separate loads of laundry simultaneously — thanks to the TWINWashTM Mini pedestal washer under its main unit.

Equipped with LG’s proprietary Centum SystemTM, the washing machine offers better durability and energy efficiency. Its advanced suspension system reduces tub vibrations and noise levels during the wash cycle.

The washing machine body is also enamel coated to protect from fingerprints, scratches and corrosion, while the glass door features a touch-enabled Quick Circle User Interface that is embedded at a 17-degree angle for an easy view into the washing machine.

When your hands are full, simply push on the door of the washing machine for the door to open.


Besides enjoying cleaner air, you can also visualise the air being purified.

Exquisitely designed, the air purifier enables you to visualise how the air around you is being cleaned through its innovative Rain View Window design.

Its advanced Watering System feature filters out harmful chemicals and contaminants through water, while bringing the room to comfortable humidity levels.

Save time and money with LG SIGNATURE Black Filter System that allows you to remove, wash and reuse the filters for up to 10 years.

Although fine dust particles are invisible to the naked eye, you can check the air quality of your indoor environment by glancing at the air purifier’s Smart PM 1.0 indicator. The latter uses four different colours of light to indicate the concentration of super-fine dust particles.