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McDonald's responds to complaints on its new cheesy fries, apologises for 'cheesing off' diners

[SINGAPORE] McDonald's Singapore has responded to complaints about its new cheese fries, apologising for "cheesing off" diners and saying it has increased the amount of sauce.

In a cheesy Facebook post on Monday, McDonald's wrote: "We know that sweet dreams are made of cheese (and sour cream) and it's nacho fault. We've relooked our processes to ensure that we load up the right amount of sauces so you won't get cheesed-off."

The fast food chain had introduced its Cheesy Loaded Fries last week, along with its collection of Angus burgers.

The fries cost S$4.20 a la carte, while fries in regular meals can be upgraded to cheesy fries for S$0.20 if they upgrade from a large meal, or an additional S$0.80 if they upgrade from medium meals.

They are described as McDonald's "golden iconic fries, made even tastier with crispy chicken bacon bits, sprinkled over savoury sour cream and nacho cheese".

Fry lovers flocked to the chain, but many were disappointed by what they said were fries with not enough cheese and bacon.

McDonald's received multiple complaints on its Facebook page alone, with several diners posting pictures of what they deem are unsatisfactory fries.

Facebook user Brice Tan posted a photo of the fries and asked: "Where is the cheese?" He added that the chain may as well not give any cheese since there was so little.

Vivienne Oh posted a photo of her Angus Mushroom Supreme meal with Cheesy Loaded Fries (S$10.30) and said she "didn't even have bacon bits".

"(The) fries are not salted at all, too. An astronomical waste of calories and cash," she wrote.

Several users compared the fries with KFC's cheese fries, which cost S$4.70.

Zulkifli Mamat wrote: "Go and try KFC cheese fries. That's the standard."

KFC was not unaware of the online chatter - a day after McDonald's launched its cheese fries, the fried chicken chain launched an ad on its Facebook page with the hashtag #KFCRealCheeseFries.

It posted a video of fries laden with golden cheese and mayo, with the slogan "The Real Deal", advertising its "crispier and tastier" fries that were "new" and "improved".

ST has contacted McDonald's for more information.