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Rediscovering simple pleasures of being back at the office

Ease back into the workplace with conversations over quality barista-standard coffee from Nespresso Professional


Over the best part of this year, many have adapted to working from home, leveraging video conferencing tools for virtual meetings and tapping on cloud-based technologies for collaborative projects. With the COVID-19 situation stabilising here, more and more staff are slowly returning to the workplace as Singapore’s economy re-opens. 

The perennial morning routine of rushing towards the MRT station or booking a cab ride looks set to make an anticipated return. For those well-accustomed to working remotely, it might take some adjusting to get back in the groove of a typical day at the office.

After all, it’s been so long since most of us had to commute to the office that a regular work day on-site seems like a distant memory — one that is well worth rediscovering.

For starters, the ergonomic design of workplaces will bring welcome relief. Built to boost the capabilities and well-being of employees, they optimise productivity and business performance via features such as height-adjustable desks, chairs with proper lumbar and neck support, or something as simple as ample natural light or pockets of greenery that inject a sense of serenity.

Another pillar of office life is the people. Working from home offers many conveniences, but not the ease of a quick brainstorm huddle at a colleague’s desk, or nipping into a room to discuss a campaign idea. Cultivating robust engagement among employees has also been known to establish a healthy office culture, and improve productivity that ultimately leads to higher profitability. 

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Employees who develop friendly relationships with each other work better together. Face-to-face interactions are still crucial in fostering collaborations and synergies in the workplace that spark creativity and new ideas — often over a cuppa, or two. 

Brewing robust relationships over coffee

What’s arguably the biggest perk of the workplace? A good office pantry. Arguably the biggest social space, the pantry is where people gravitate to — as part of the morning routine, at lunch time or when one needs to catch a breather in between hectic meetings.

In view of safe-distancing measures, it has never been more convenient to get your dose of java without leaving the office or waiting at coffee joints during peak periods. 

Nespresso Professional, which offers bespoke coffee and high-performance coffee machines, has the perfect solution. Its range of intuitively-designed machines, including the sleek Aguila 220, can brew numerous hot and cold coffee and milk recipes with a nifty touch of a button. With its two-head extraction system that functions simultaneously, Nespresso Professional’s coffee machines can meet the daily high-volume usage in offices. 

The ground coffee beans are also packed in hermetically sealed capsules, which preserve the freshness and aroma of the java.

Over the years, Nespresso has come to be renowned for its high quality and consistency of coffee. It is served in more than three out of 10 Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants in Singapore, and is the preferred coffee for many four- and five-starred hotels here. 

And while some have Nespresso coffee machines in their home kitchens, many more can now get their caffeine fix in the office — Nespresso Professional’s state-of-the-art coffee machines are also built for corporate cuppa moments. 

Office breaks can now have a welcoming highlight: a quick catch-up with colleagues savouring intensely aromatic coffee from roasted beans crowned with a thick frothy layer of milk. A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans expertly sourced from around the world produces Nespresso’s diverse coffee flavour range, from floral and fruity to complex notes of cocoa and toasted cereal.  

When you choose Nespresso Professional, you choose high quality, consistent coffee that your employees and guests taste in every cup. There are 13 types of coffee and enjoy a delicious treat any time of the day; make a variety of coffees from Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo to Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato at the press of a button. Serving cup after cup of flavourful java, Nespresso Professional impresses even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

Drinking to a sustainable future  

As we adapt to the new normal of work life with the gradual re-opening of offices in the coming months, it is comforting to know that some things such as bonding over a quintessential cuppa will always linger around. 

And while enjoying your caffeine boost, you can also do your bit for the environment. 

Don’t throw away Nespresso’s coffee capsules after making a cuppa — the capsules, which are made of aluminium, are infinitely recyclable. On top of creating a sustainable coffee economy movement, Nespresso also gives a new lease of life to coffee capsules and used coffee grounds. 

The aluminium from capsules are remelted and made into products such as pens and bicycle frames, while the coffee grounds are used as compost for growing vegetables at Sky Greens, a local vertical farm. 

So make the time to dispose of the capsules and coffee grounds thoughtfully. Arrangements can be made for recycling bags containing used coffee capsules to be picked up from offices. 

Visit the Nespresso Professional website to find out more about its range of coffees, machines and services for your office and sign up for a trial today. 

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