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PUB aims to boost industrial water recycling in Singapore

SINGAPORE'S national water agency PUB hopes to boost industrial water recycling efforts to achieve additional savings of three million gallons per day (mgd) each year.

According to PUB projections, water demand in the "non-domestic" or non-household sector is set to rise from 240 mgd today to 600 mgd by 2060, forming 70 per cent of total demand, up from 55 per cent today.

Under existing funding schemes, some S$26 million in support is available over the next three years for firms interested in implementing water savings projects, PUB deputy chief executive of operations Harry Seah noted in a media briefing on Monday.

Since 2014, the PUB has facilitated 22 projects with a total savings of 5.07 mgd. Another 13 projects are expected to be completed in the next two years, adding another 2.87 mgd of savings. Also in advanced stages of discussion are another 34 projects, which are expected to contribute another 9.78 mgd of savings, though the timeline for these is undetermined.

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