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Nee Soon PAP team points to WP's 'flip-flops' on issues

Shanmugam: For WP's Gurmit Singh, being a candidate more important than the party's principles

Mr Shanmugam asked supporters to judge the quality of politicians they vote for, saying it is less a question of which party they represent, but more a question of their honesty and integrity.


THE People's Action Party candidates for Nee Soon GRC on Tuesday night questioned the quality of Workers' Party candidates being fielded in Nee Soon and their plans for the GRC.

Speaking at the party's election rally, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam asked supporters to judge the quality of politicians they vote for. It is less a question of which party they represent, he said, but more a question of their honesty and integrity.

Referencing WP's Gurmit Singh who appeared at a SingFirst event after he quit WP and then retracted his resignation and was subsequently introduced as a WP candidate for Nee Soon, Mr Shanmugam said: "He joined the SingFirst party, and then he appeared with them (WP), publicly campaigning. Why? Because they (WP) promised him he would be a candidate. His priority was, he must be a candidate by any means. It doesn't matter what party colours he stands in, or what the party's principles are."

Both Lee Bee Wah and Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim also questioned the WP's plans for Nee Soon.

"They said, quote, we will take a look if we are elected, unquote. In short, why plan? They have nothing planned for Nee Soon," said Associate Professor Faishal.

Dr Lee also questioned WP's effectiveness in Parliament. "What issues have they raised in Parliament, which has really changed your life? They keep flip-flopping," she said.

Mr Shanmugam reiterated this point in English. On the issue of foreign workers, he said that WP has see-sawed on their stand from stating that policies have attempted to cut foreign worker inflow by too much, to saying we should cut inflow completely, to allowing more foreign workers in certain areas.

"And then earlier today, Mr Gerald Giam seemed to suggest maybe we shouldn't tighten foreign worker numbers any more because it's hurting businesses," said Mr Shanmugam.

"So say whatever is necessary, whenever it is necessary... What exactly is the WP's position on foreign worker growth? You cannot be a responsible opposition, let alone a responsible government, if you make U-turns like this... What does this say about your character? What does this say about your intention?"

The PAP team headed by Mr Shanmugam is coming up against the WP team which comprises lawyer Gurmit Singh, sales consultant Cheryl Denise Loh; Kenneth Foo, a manager at a voluntary welfare organisation; Luke Koh, managing partner of a private investment business; and property agent Ron Tan.

Separately, PAP candidate Henry Kwek said he hopes to champion the building of a better life for all residents regardless of their backgrounds. Animal-rights activist Louis Ng said he will champion animal welfare, volunteerism, and parenthood, issues he cares deeply about.


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