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Beauty sleep

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Simmons Beautyrest Royal Jubilee

Beauty sleep

Why the right mattress is the first step to getting a good night's rest
25/09/2020 - 05:50

SLEEP. It is what all humans need regardless of age, yet there are adults who struggle with it every night.

Why is sleep so important? Dr Lau Hung Tuan, consultant ENT surgeon at My ENT Specialist Clinic, says: "Sleep gives our bodies the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate ourselves, thus supporting healthy brain function, protecting our physical health, mental well-being, safety and quality of life. When we sleep, the brain is able to convert short-term memory to long-term memory and form new learning pathways."

While the recommended number of hours of sleep is seven to eight hours a night, some individuals need more and some can do with less. "You know you've had enough sleep when you wake up refreshed in the morning," says Dr Ronald Lee, senior consultant, department of cardiology, National University Heart Centre.

Sleeping on a quality mattress is key to getting a good night's sleep. "You want a mattress that is firm, not hard, and does not sag," says Dr Tan Seang Beng, an orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. "Also one that is breathable, and will not make you feel hot at night."


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For 150 years, mattress brand Simmons has devoted all its resources and technology to making the perfect bed.

Celebrating its milestone anniversary this year, the brand was founded in 1870 by American Zalmon G Simmons.

He also invented the Pocketed Coil technology, where each barrel shaped-coil is individually wrapped and encased and works independently to provide support and undisturbed sleep.

For Simmons' 150th anniversary, it has launched two commemorative models that are testament to its culture of technological innovation.

The Beautyrest Royal Jubilee is made with an anti-bacteria fibre that helps to reduce growth of bacteria and fungus. The mattress also has a special fibre insert that emits negative ions and far-infrared rays which are said to improve blood circulation and invigorate the body's innate ability to self-rejuvenate.

The Beautyrest Diamond Jubilee is constructed with an egg-crate shape foam that makes the latex mattress extra comfortable. Its fabric contains silver-ion which has antibacterial properties while keeping the mattress cool.

Both mattresses come with Simmons' Pocketed Coil technology, which responds to different body weights and provides individualised support.

Simmons is also the preferred mattress brand for nearly 90 per cent of luxury hotels worldwide, such as Marina Bay Sands and Marriott International Group.

Simmons' commitment to technology is in its DNA, says Casey Teh, managing director of Simmons (SEA). "Our innovations have evolved from a simple coil mattress to a non-flip mattress, to a negative-ion mattress, AirCool memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattress and even queen and king-sized mattresses."

Even its Pocketed Coils have undergone advancement, whereby triplewired high-carbon steel strength pocketed coils are used for better durability and motion separation.

Mr Teh adds, "We continue to strive to innovate better beds for consumers to sleep better as this is our Mission. We also strive to ensure a unique customer experience and achieve total satisfaction in both our products and our service."

In 2012, it set up an e-shop, making it one of the first few mattress brands to do so. "The e-shop brings convenience to many as one can order as many pillows and mattress protectors and have them delivered to the home," says Mr Teh.

"During this coronavirus pandemic, the availability of e-shop brings convenience and safe shopping to many who are looking for mattresses."

More than a mattress retailer, Simmons also cares about the health of its consumers. Earlier this year, it ran a campaign on how consumers can build their immunity with better sleep. Among the tips given include getting seven to eight hours of sleep, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.


Sleep is crucial when you consider that chronic sleep deficiency is associated with an increased risk of hypertension, heart attack, stroke and kidney disease, says Dr Lau. "Even our immune system deteriorates with sleep deficiency," he adds. People with less than five or six hours of sleep a day are especially at risk of developing high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke," says Dr Lee.

Hence, it's good to develop healthy habits such as regular stretching, exercise and a proper sleep regime.

Dr Lee Yeow Hian, a respiratory physician at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, says that in addition to the benefits of exercise, "sunlight helps lower levels of melatonin which makes you sleepy". But, at night, "you want to increase your levels of melatonin, so cut back on caffeine and blue light exposure." He adds that just as kids have a bedtime routine, "adults also need one to wind down at the end of the day".