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Duplicate trade confirmation triggers SGX suspension, resume trading at 2pm


THE Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Thursday said that its securities market was put in adjust phase at 11.38 am due to duplicate trade confirmation messages being generated.

"No duplicate trades were executed and the market remained orderly. Message reconciliation is underway and we expect the market to resume trading at 1400 hours," it said.

This comes after it earlier said that its securities market had temporarily ceased trading as at 11.38 am Singapore time.

It had said that orders can be put in, taken out or amended during the time when the market is closed. Orders will be matched only when the market reopens.

Separately, Macquarie Capital Limited, the designated market maker (DMM) advised that due to SGX's technical issues, market making activities in iShares MSCI India Index ETF (I98) exchange traded fund (ETF) were suspended from 11.34 am.

Two separate filings by State Street Global Advisors Singapore and BlackRock Singapore to SGX minutes before noon said that the DMM will resume normal market making activities for the above-mentioned ETF once the technical issues have been resolved.

SGX said that members of the public can check its website for updates, or call its hotline at (65) 6535-7511.