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Hot stock: Jasper Investments most actively traded stock on Wednesday

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JASPER Investments was the most actively traded stock on Wednesday, but said that it was not aware of any reason behind the heavy trading in its response to a query by Singapore Exchange (SGX).

Shares of Jasper Investments rose by as much as 17.6 per cent to S$0.02 as at 9.25am. By 3.30pm, it was trading at S$0.018, 5.88 per cent higher than its opening price and Tuesday's closing price of S$0.017. Some 238.66 million shares had changed hands.

When queried by SGX, Jasper said that it was not aware of any information not previously announced or any other possible explanation for the trading.

Jasper is engaged in the provision of transportation services to infrastructure players in the reclamation, construction and earthwork sectors.