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Lightning struck trackside equipment, not train that stalled at Bedok station

[SINGAPORE] Lightning did not hit a westbound train that stalled as it approached Bedok station on Monday. Instead, trackside equipment was affected by lightning, causing the disruption, SMRT said on Tuesday.

It added that the train driver who was admitted to hospital after the supposed "lightning incident" had also been on medical leave for two days before. He was admitted for observation after reporting that he was feeling unwell as a precautionary measure. He has been assessed to be well and remains under observation.

After investigations, "our engineers... confirmed that the train was not hit by lightning. Instead, lightning affected trackside equipment", SMRT said in its statement."After the lightning incident, the train was immediately able to recover and move on its own power, moving passengers safely to Bedok station. At Bedok station, passengers alighted and the train was promptly withdrawn from service to allow for a thorough inspection by our engineers ."We would like to reiterate that passengers' safety, as well as that of our staff, is of paramount importance to us. We wish to assure all passengers that it is safe to travel in our trains during a lightning storm because trains are protected by a 'Faraday Cage'. This is an enclosure formed by conductive material that blocks electric fields and electric currents, such as lightning strikes, from entering the trains.

During lightning, the electric current will travel through the outside shell of the train and not into the cabin. It then travels through the wheels to the track."

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