Outstanding Chief Executive Of The Year

Award Criteria

No restrictions on age, sex or race but the candidate must be ordinarily resident in Singapore.
He/she must be involved in a business enterprise either running his/her own local company or head of the Singapore division/subsidiary of a large organisation.

Managerial Skills

  • Adapt to the changing business environment and standards
  • Contribute to the upgrading of managerial skills and the establishment of a viable organisation structure
  • Persevere in working towards objectives
  • Innovate and be outward looking in his/her approach to business
  • Win respect of subordinates
  • Set an example for the organisation and motivate its employees

Financial Performance

He/she must have:

  • made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the financial viability of the company
  • contributed to an improvement on return on capital invested in the company, subsidiary or division
  • exercise prudent management of funds or financial assets

Contribution to the Community

He/she must have made positive contribution to the community.