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A German mark of excellence

JUNG, a switches and systems specialist, prides itself on precise workmanship, timeless design and unparalleled service


Technology, sophisticated design and German-made quality have ensured JUNG’s success for over 100 years.

The family-run electrical installation supplier’s classic, elegant designs for its switches, socket outlets and light dimmers are acclaimed by architects, interior designers and home owners across the world. Other well-known JUNG products include smoke devices, USB charging sockets and home automation systems.

JUNG has an established client list including numerous luxury condominiums, hotels, and residential homes. Projects in Singapore include the Four Seasons Hotel, Shangri-La hotels and apartments, condominiums like The Shelford and The Marq on Paterson Hill, and Sentosa Cove homes.

“People understand and appreciate German quality,” said Shawn Ang, general sales manager of JUNG Asia.

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“We strongly believe in the quality of our products and designs, and we pride ourselves on our after-sales service. When we sell our products, we want to be there for our customers,” he said.

Today, JUNG is at the forefront of the “smart home” revolution. It provides innovative systems for controlling lighting, blinds and air-conditioning in the home.

These systems incorporate wireless technologies to enable a wide range of functions including intercom messaging, multimedia control, and security cameras. They also meet requirements of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

JUNG’s team of support engineers here includes a certified expert in KNX, the network communications protocol behind home automation.

“Our motto is ‘Progress as a Tradition’,” Mr Ang said. “We will continue to offer innovative switch systems and products with technical precision as well as a high standard of design.”

Q: What is JUNG’s heritage and its tradition of innovation?

In 1912, electrician Albrecht Jung, aged 40, founded a factory in the idyllic town of Schalksmühle to produce his patented invention: A pull switch with a 1/8 rotation. Due to market demand, JUNG quickly specialised in making switches and sockets.

In the 1960s, the company launched a push-button switch which became a classic of contemporary switch design. As modern building requirements became tougher, JUNG stood out by continuously improving its product portfolio.

Today, JUNG is confident that with its innovative approach and commitment to quality, the company can continue making successful products over the next 100 years.

Q: What’s the significance of JUNG’s made-in- Germany products?

Germans emphasise technology, design, functionality and product capabilities. German products are well known for their reliability and safety.

Since 1912, JUNG has been based in Schalksmühle, a small town in Germany’s state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It has a second production facility in Lünen, Westphalia, since 1941.

JUNG is fully committed to its German manufacturing location, ensuring that its “Made in Germany” products are of the highest quality.

Q: What are JUNG’s plans for regional growth?

JUNG’s Asian headquarters were established in Singapore in 1997, initially covering Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Indonesia. The company then ventured into Hong Kong as a stepping stone into China, before expanding to Korea and Taiwan.

Today, JUNG aims to grow in Singapore and the region by sharing the future of technology with architects and designers. Singapore is a regional design hub, with many international firms involved in projects in China, India, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

Q: What features are customers looking for today?

Automation is increasingly common. Centralised switches can control lighting and ventilation in different parts of the house like the kitchen or the car porch. A communication system has to be put in place.

We offer switch systems according to what our customers need, be it piped music coming into the dining room or a smartphone program that can remotely turn on security cameras.

A new trend is LED lights replacing halogen lights. Last year, we introduced a switch that can brighten or dim different colours of lights, in addition to dimming or brightening them.

Q: Please elaborate on JUNG’s collaboration with the foundation of a famous architect.

Renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, who created architectural masterpieces in the 20th century, was concerned with chromatic harmony and the effects colours have on people and spaces.

Inspired by his colours, JUNG is offering its classic LS 990 range of switches in the 63 shades of Les Couleurs ® Le Courbusier as a worldwide exclusive.

Each of the colours can be harmoniously combined with others in the system. The switches are hand-painted using a special process, giving them an exceptional matt surface.

Other than switches, sockets, rotary and touch dimmers, devices to control room functions like lighting or ventilation can also be integrated into the Les Couleurs system.

Q: What awards has JUNG won?

JUNG has time and again measured itself successfully against the best in the field.

It has consistently won prizes in the German Design Awards, one of the most recognised design competitions in the world. Awards were given to the real brass, Les Couleurs ® Le Courbusier, and dark aluminium colours of its classic LS 990 Switch.

Other recent wins include the Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation, The Most Innovative Brand Award 2016, Trade Award of the Year 2016, Best Product 2016/2017, and the Innovation Award for Architecture + Technology 2016.