Enterprise Spotlight

Sep 12, 2017 05:50 AM

Innovating to create high value products and services

AS the future of manufacturing will be driven by disruptive technologies, it is crucial for SMEs to keep up with...

Stanchart's take

How can businesses innovate successfully if resources are limited?

Smart mapping to help city planning

AS one of the world's fastest growing cities it is important that Singapore leverages smart technologies to ensure that ongoing developments can meet the needs of citizens now and in the future, says Mr Thomas Pramotedham, chief executive officer of Esri Singapore.

Stanchart's take

How can traditional businesses leverage technology and digitalisation without losing their heritage?

Milking gains from intellectual property

CREATING a new product and brand from scratch is not easy. It took entrepreneur Yvon Bock, a mother of four children, almost five years to design and develop a new sustainable breastfeeding solution.

Stanchart's take

Why should businesses care about IP?

Third generation grows family business to over S$100m

THE third generation now running the family business, Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, has taken the annual turnover to more than S$100 million and is working hard to grow the business further despite rising concerns in society about the health risks of excessive sugar consumption.

Stanchart's take

How can businesses go about making succession plans?

Food Empire on track for growth

FOR any business, to focus on just cutting costs cannot be the only way to ride through difficult times, says the chief executive of a large home-grown business which has experienced many ups and downs over the last two decades.

Stanchart's take

What advice do you have for businesses to align their cost cutting with their overall business strategy for future growth?

Venturing abroad revs up Cyclect Group's growth

GOING overseas is particularly important for Singapore small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) because the customer base in the country is too small to allow companies to benefit significantly from economies of scale, says Melvin Tan, CEO of Cyclect Group, a home-grown business which has benefited from going overseas.

Stanchart's take

What are some ways that smaller businesses which want to go abroad can spread out the risk?

Greenpac's innovative packaging promotes sustainability

HOME-GROWN SME Greenpac is on a mission to promote sustainability. A knowledge-based company, it specialises in re-engineering, designing and distributing innovative, environmentally friendly packaging products and solutions in Singapore.

Stanchart's take

Why do companies need to concern themselves with the Triple P bottomline (people, planet and profit)? How will they benefit from doing so?