Who's Who In Private Banking 2019

Feb 27, 2019 05:50 AM

Private banks continue to expand amid challenging markets

IT was tough last year but the private bank industry continued to grow with some performing above expectations and...

Today's enterprising entrepreneurs build ecosystems, not products

THE year is already shaping up as one where the headlines will write themselves: markets second-guessing a return of policy tightening by the Fed, a Brexit deal or no deal, company downgrades from trade tariff uncertainty, and oil prices running roughshod.

How to navigate a volatile 2019

THE year 2018 kicked off with a bang on expectations that synchronised growth experienced in 2017 would continue. However, concerns over global growth grew and investors shifted to profit taking and a risk-off mode.

A wealth of investment opportunities in healthcare

HEALTHCARE historically has been a unique and attractive sector in which to invest over the long-term as healthcare companies, in aggregate, have demonstrated stronger earnings growth relative to the broader market as well as defensive attributes during downturns.

Expect a roller-coaster ride in 2019

THE year 2018 turned out to be an "annus horribilis" and portfolio managers must be scratching their heads about what to do in 2019. It's difficult to find asset classes that delivered positive returns in 2018, as across geographies and asset classes, markets were in dire straits. Equity and fixed income indices were negative for the year and commodities showed a mixed picture.

A new approach to manage your wealth

IN the past couple of months, many among us would have made resolutions, looking to improve our well-being. Yet too often, we start out with big dreams and great intentions only to revert to old (and potentially bad) habits before long.

Structuring for success

WE have seen in recent years a surge in discussions on succession planning, partly because for many families, the older as well as the next generation are both "coming of age"; and also due to an environment in which succession structures are under increasing scrutiny.
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