[SINGAPORE] Hong Kong's hedge fund industry saw its biggest quarterly outflow since the global recession a decade ago, a shift that may deepen concern about investor sentiment in the protest-...

[SINGAPORE]  Service providers to some of Asia's wealthiest families say they are fielding a rising number of calls about shifting away from Hong Kong, with some already moving money to Singapore-...

[NEW YORK] Hedge funds gained 4.9 per cent on average in the first three quarters of 2019, the best performance in this span since 2013, according to a report on Monday from Hedge Fund Research....

A HEDGE-FUND favourite is rapidly losing ground in the stock market just as one of the industry's least-loved sectors picks up.

[NEW YORK] Hedge Funds were right on the money for a second straight week as oil gets pulled in opposite directions by Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia.

ESCALATING tensions in the Persian Gulf are beginning to justify renewed optimism that oil will rebound.

[CHICAGO] Hedge funds made a record bearish bet on cotton just before prices extended declines to hit a three-year low.

[LONDON] UBS Group AG's top banker to billionaires said the wealthiest clients are sidelining financial institutions as they close private transactions without advice from investment banks.

POSITIVE signs may be emerging for the world's worst-performing major currency.

PENSION funds, other institutions and family offices are buying hedge funds hoping that they will be an antidote to uncertainty.