ROBO-ADVISER StashAway has rolled out a cash management portfolio that gives all investors access to Singapore-focused money-market funds.


EVEN as global markets rumble, robo-advisor StashAway can count on its base of "habitual savers" with nerves of steel to ride the volatility.

RETAIL investors with at least S$10,000 to invest can now get exposure to a portfolio of Singapore-listed, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on StashAway, the robo-adviser service.

STASHAWAY, a robo-advisor that serves both retail and accredited investors, has raised US$12 million through a Series B round led by Eight Roads Ventures, the proprietary investment arm of...

Trade wars, currency swings, natural disasters - what's an investor to do when markets flip one way, then flop the other way? In this podcast, CIO of StashAway, Freddy Lim, gives listeners tips on...

This episode walks listeners through the ABCs of robo investing. CEO of StashAway, Michele Ferrario, breaks down robot-enabled, technology-assisted investment for listeners.