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Local beauty brands take on the world

A growing wave of homegrown entrants is not only finding its feet in a crowded field, but also venturing to deeper waters beyond, TAN JIA HUI reports

Mr Jason Humphries, managing director of Good Pharmaceutical, with its Suu Balm range. The product was introduced by Intellectual Property Intermediary as a novel, two-fold concept that moisturised while relieving itchy skin.


"The popularity of pop-up markets in Singapore has provided a cost-effective platform for startups to get proof of concept, and are an excellent means of distribution and in receiving consumer feedback." - Lynsey Lim (above), director of Handmade Heroes, on how small companies can break into an established market.

OFTEN touted as being "recession-proof", the global beauty industry remains perennially popular despite turbulence in financial markets - a possible catalyst for the rise in homegrown beauty brands in recent years.

Despite the competitive nature of the industry, the local market has seen...

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