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The S$5-latte problem and a radically conservative solution

There is a wild but tested method for the salaried worker to become financially independent at a young age

Cutting out the latte is a metaphor, really, for thinking in a different way and changing a habit to achieve a goal. The bad news is if you want to follow the path of Messrs JW, Christopher, Jake, Pete and Sean, you probably have to give that latte up. The good news is, after five years, you will probably be able to drink all the latte you want. Actually, you might be so used to not drinking latte that you will have no desire to touch a latte again for the rest of your life.

I CALL this the latte problem, where two competing philosophies of personal finance are expressed in a single cup of coffee and milk.

You've heard it before. Save S$5 on that latte every morning and start on the path to financial independence! Because, you know, S$5 times 365 days is S$1,...

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