McLaren GT: Quick beyond question, but quietly quotidian

THE idea of a user-friendly supercar seems oxymoronic, not least because supercars are supposed to be ferociously fast. Driving one should have as much to do with leaving skidmarks in your undergarments as leaving some on the tarmac, which sounds like it might be a giggle from time to time, but...

Nissan's aggressive EV plans include Singapore

ELECTRIC vehicles (EVs) may be the future of motoring, but not everyone is racing away from the past at the same speed. Ivan Espinosa, a senior vice-president in charge of product planning and strategy at Nissan, told The Business Times that carmakers have to build a bridge to electrified...

Skoda Superb review: Still a Superb proposition

IF THERE'S a car brand that appeals to the Singaporean mindset of "cheap and good", it has to be Skoda. That might not be the most appealing pitch for an executive car, but a facelift for the Czech carmaker's Superb drives home how it ekes out maximum value for minimum dollar.

Driving disruption in the car business

EXPERIENCED car owners know this: Buying a car is easy, but selling it is hard. That's especially so if you want top dollar for your old wheels, since that involves letting canny used car dealers or worse, random members of the public come and poke around.

Nissan Kicks E-Power review: Nissan's Kicks is an electric car in disguise

YOU might not be anywhere near Route 66 at the moment, but you can still get your Kicks, for that is the quirky name that Nissan has given its latest car here. On casual inspection it's a small sport utility vehicle (SUV), but prod deeper and you'll find it's an electric car in disguise.

Mitsuoka Rock Star review: Fully Vetted

CAR manufacturers tend to be fairly unimaginative when it comes to model names. They're usually either some sort of trendy buzzword like "EcoSport" (from Ford), a fancy made up word borrowed from another language like "Kadjar" (Renault), or an alphanumeric jumble salad such as "MP4-12C" (McLaren...


Cooler than ICE

PEOPLE who work in the car trade overseas often say that Singapore is the perfect country for Electric Vehicles (EVs), given its small size and highly urban driving conditions. Be that as it may, someone usually has to tell them that Singaporeans aren't the perfect buyers for EVs.

BMW X3 M review: A supercar disguised as an SUV

LOTS of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) these days are fast, but not many of them offer the same performance figures that can go head to head with a full-fledged supercar. One of them, however, is the BMW X3 M Competition, which has just gone on sale in Singapore.

Pioneer's Smart Unit Receiver lets you add Android to your auto

TWENTY years ago, in-car entertainment consisted of some music blaring out of your stereo system. You either listened to the radio, or popped in a compact disc (CD), or even a cassette for those old enough to know what that is.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo: Beware of Evo

LAMBORGHINIS can be intimidating cars. After all, this is a brand which has a history of producing high performance supercars that have a reputation for being difficult to handle, such as the Countach and Diablo.


Mini Cooper SE: A Mini contribution to climate health

I'D IMAGINE that Greta Thunberg won't be driving a car to her environmental protests any time soon, not least because she's still too young to have a driving license. But if, in a few years, she changes her mind and decides to do what every teenager does when they get their licence, a car like...

New kid on the engine-less block

DON'T expect to see much under the bonnet of the Audi e-tron, if you poke around one at the Singapore Motorshow this weekend, where it's making its debut. That's because it's electric, so there's no engine block, intake manifold or what-not to be found.

2019 Kia Niro review: Still a hybrid hero

DRIVING a hybrid car in Singapore can make great sense, as our urban stop-start traffic conditions mean you can drive it regularly on electric power alone. That leads to any number of benefits, from helping you save money on fuel, cutting your emissions or even just having to stop for petrol...

Porsche Taycan takes its Singapore bow

PORSCHE'S electric era in Singapore has kicked off. The Stuttgart carmaker's Taycan electric sports car made its Asia-Pacific debut at an event held at The Float @ Marina Bay on Thursday night.

The life and times of BMW M

THE BMW X3 sport utility vehicle (SUV) has been in existence for 16 years, but it's taken until now for BMW to offer a full-blooded M high-performance version, the X3 M Competition.


Porsche Taycan Turbo S: Assault and batteries

ELECTRIC cars are the future, let's all assume that. But if you want one that's fun and exciting to drive today, your choices are fairly limited to Tesla, and, erm, not much else. Never mind that the Silicon Valley company makes cars more for tech geeks than driving purists.