Australia's pro-coal lobby should heed South Korea warning

A CHANGE in South Korea's energy policy should have absolutely no bearing on the current Australian election campaign, but it should, as it's a stark warning to politicians who still see a rosy future for coal mines and exports.


Trump's positive rhetoric on China not matched by crude, LNG, coal trade

MARKETS have cheered US President Donald Trump's assertion that a deal with China is "very, very close", but data on China's imports of US oil, liquefied natural gas and coal show that once a trade flow is interrupted, getting it back is hard....


Asia's oil refiners caught between Trump and Opec

ASIA'S oil refiners are increasingly finding themselves trapped between the rock of Opec's production cuts and the hard place of US President Donald Trump's sanctions against Iran and Venezuela....


Worries for LNG as prices slip amid record North Asia imports

THE spot price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia has completely missed its usual winter peak, with much of the blame being laid at the door of milder-than-usual temperatures trimming demand.


China's steel sector faces a chill as demand wanes in key industries

CHINA'S steel sector is toying with falling into a bear market, with prices almost down 20 per cent in the past three months as the industry's run of record production meets the reality of a slowing economy and trade disputes. Shanghai steel rebar futures, the benchmark price, fell 18....


Trump's Iran crude oil waivers may just delay day of reckoning

IN THE END, President Donald Trump kicked the Iran crude oil sanctions can six months down the road, raising questions as to how the various players in the dispute will use the time.


Oil market can see past Khashoggi killing, but not Iran

SAUDI Arabia's killing of a journalist and the ramping up of US sanctions against Iran have added a layer of uncertainty to crude oil markets, creating a dilemma as to whether these events are real price drivers or just temporary noise....


India boosts purchases of Indonesian coal as prices drop

ONE of the standout commodity performers this year has been thermal coal - but not all coal is created equal, and disparities in pricing may help explain why India's imports have stayed strong despite the higher costs....