Ex-NY Fed chief's break with tradition puts policymakers in a bind

A FORMER top Federal Reserve official stole the monetary policy show in recent days as William Dudley, longtime chief of the New York Fed, broke with sacred traditions of central bank independence and urged the Fed to block the re-election of President Donald Trump.


Clash over Fed policy escalates amid reversal, pressure

THE reversal of US monetary policy by Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and his troops to be super-accommodative has done little to quell the pressure on policymakers. In fact, it seems to have escalated the war on Fed policy; investors and US President Donald Trump are pushing for a rate cut...


Keeping the peace in US-China talks

ONGOING US-China trade talks are a skirmish in what could become a protracted struggle. It may not a trade war but a wider contest - hopefully economic, not military - to realign global economic interests. One way to keep that contest peaceful is to recognise that it is a long-term project that...


Trump stuck with Powell despite strains

MINNEAPOLIS Federal Reserve president Neel Kashkari's defiance on the US Federal Reserve's interest rate increases has made commentators wonder if he was angling for Jerome Powell's job as Fed chair....