We really must stop starting wars

LET us not go to war again. Let us not go to war because we cannot afford to "win" another war. There would be no winning this war. There is only losing, at a cost that staggers every dimension on all sides - in lives, in money, and in the squandered opportunity to do anything better with our...

We hate data collection but that doesn't mean we can stop it

WE'RE being watched. We know we're being watched, and we don't think the watchers have our best interests at heart. They try to mollify us, arguing that we're being watched for our own good and that in fact we're the ones in charge of the scale and scope of all the watching, but deep down most...


The global economy runs on parties you're not invited to

I WAS on a party yacht in Cannes the other night when I found myself locked in one of the classic quandaries of life on the French Riviera: canapés, crudités or rosé?


Does Apple want to sell TV subscriptions or change the world?

THE Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's spendy new campus in Cupertino, California, is a majestic temple to pomp. An ethereal glass-and-marble cylinder set high on a serene hill, the venue feels like the architectural manifestation of the Apple co-founder's famous "reality-distortion field".