The Design Ethos of Kengo Kuma

IT ALL STARTED WITH a modest public bathhouse in a small Japanese town. Now, Kengo Kuma is a big-name architect with close to 300 staff, 600 built works and high-profile commissions across the globe – including the Founders’ Memorial, a major project commemorating Singapore’s founding fathers....

Bolivia's Best

ADVENTURE TRAVELLERS AND adrenaline junkies have been going there for years but for everyone else, Bolivia is the Wild West of bucket list destinations.

Of Grit and Grace

SHE MAY BE a high-flying banker at the top of her game, but DBS’s Tan Su Shan is also refreshingly down-to-earth. She wasn’t always cool, calm and Covid-19 battle-ready of course, but after three decades in the business she’s more capable than most – with the credentials (including a place on...

Hokkaido's natural beauty

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do: take the train.

On the dining trail in Fukuoka

IT LACKS the razzle-dazzle of Tokyo, the ancient traditions of Kyoto and the pristine powder snow of Hokkaido in winter, but savvy travellers are all-in on Fukuoka, a compact and quietly captivating city with a deep sense of self.

The Great Escapes

THE WORLD SUFFERED a heavy dose of reality in 2019, staggering from the effects of civil strife, climate change and the power of Mother Nature. No corner on Earth was spared, it seems, from signs of the impending apocalypse. Wildfires, deadly storms and rising sea levels, together with...

Sam Shank, Head of Hotels, Airbnb

THE BEST ADVICE that Sam Shank has for budding Internet entrepreneurs is this: don’t do start-ups. Of course that’s easy for him to say, now that the self-professed travel-obsessed online entrepreneur has hit the big time with HotelTonight, a last-minute hotel booking app that helps solve your...

Viacheslav Fetisov, Sporting Legend/Climate Change Activist

AS A WORLD class ice hockey player, Viacheslav Fetisov was worth his weight in gold – medals, that is.

Prasoon Kumar, CEO and Co-founder, BillionBricks

A HOME DESIGNED for the poor is not nearly the same thing as a poorly-designed home – especially if Prasoon Kumar has anything to do with it.

Yip Yuen Hong, Architect, Principal, ipli Architects

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL IN Yip Yuen Hong’s ideal architectural world – one where a building makes an impression through intimate scale, expert craftsmanship and careful attention to detail rather than grand displays of showy excess.

Green Grass of Home

THERE ARE TERRACE houses and houses with terraces, but deep in the heart of Siglap stands a terrace house with terraces – and plants, lots of plants.

The Road Well-Travelled

IN JAPAN, A country where tradition and technology exist in harmony, it’s possible to escape the hurly-burly of daily life by taking an old-fashioned road trip – on foot. And you won’t have to look beyond the most popular route in the country.

Daphne Hedley

IT WAS A COMMITMENT to quality that turned into a condiment of quality for Daphne Hedley, CEO and co-founder of organic food brand Mekhala, a Singapore-Thai start-up that specialises in making Asian sauces and pastes. 

Pawan Gandhi

IT ONLY TOOK a decade – a blink of an eye in the Information Age – but the future has arrived for wearable technology.

Sanctuary Style

ONE MIGHT REASONABLY expect a residence named Grotto House to possess cave-like characteristics – an underground chamber or a rock pool perhaps – but that might be taking things a little too literally.

Charlie Siem

CHARLIE SIEM DISCOVERED his calling early - very early - in life. As he tells it, he was sitting in the back seat of his mother's car when he first heard her cassette recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major, featuring Yehudi Menuhin, and was sufficiently interested to announce that...

Sabrina Tan

SABRINA TAN IS only half-joking when she describes the skincare industry as a highly competitive blood sport. After “10 bloody years” in the arena, she ought to know. The good news though, is that Ms Tan and Skin Inc, the company she founded in 2008, are sitting pretty in the beauty world. The...

Sam Keller

As director of the Fondation Beyeler – one of the finest small museums in the world – Sam Keller knows classic Monets and Miros and great Picassos from merely good ones.