Prasoon Kumar, CEO and Co-founder, BillionBricks

A HOME DESIGNED for the poor is not nearly the same thing as a poorly-designed home – especially if Prasoon Kumar has anything to do with it.

Yip Yuen Hong, Architect, Principal, ipli Architects

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL IN Yip Yuen Hong’s ideal architectural world – one where a building makes an impression through intimate scale, expert craftsmanship and careful attention to detail rather than grand displays of showy excess.

Green Grass of Home

THERE ARE TERRACE houses and houses with terraces, but deep in the heart of Siglap stands a terrace house with terraces – and plants, lots of plants.

The Road Well-Travelled

IN JAPAN, A country where tradition and technology exist in harmony, it’s possible to escape the hurly-burly of daily life by taking an old-fashioned road trip – on foot. And you won’t have to look beyond the most popular route in the country.

Daphne Hedley

IT WAS A COMMITMENT to quality that turned into a condiment of quality for Daphne Hedley, CEO and co-founder of organic food brand Mekhala, a Singapore-Thai start-up that specialises in making Asian sauces and pastes. 

Pawan Gandhi

IT ONLY TOOK a decade – a blink of an eye in the Information Age – but the future has arrived for wearable technology.

Sanctuary Style

ONE MIGHT REASONABLY expect a residence named Grotto House to possess cave-like characteristics – an underground chamber or a rock pool perhaps – but that might be taking things a little too literally.

Charlie Siem

CHARLIE SIEM DISCOVERED his calling early - very early - in life. As he tells it, he was sitting in the back seat of his mother's car when he first heard her cassette recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major, featuring Yehudi Menuhin, and was sufficiently interested to announce that...

Sabrina Tan

SABRINA TAN IS only half-joking when she describes the skincare industry as a highly competitive blood sport. After “10 bloody years” in the arena, she ought to know. The good news though, is that Ms Tan and Skin Inc, the company she founded in 2008, are sitting pretty in the beauty world. The...

Sam Keller

As director of the Fondation Beyeler – one of the finest small museums in the world – Sam Keller knows classic Monets and Miros and great Picassos from merely good ones.

Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey routinely towers over the crowd, and not just because he stands 2.02m tall in his socks.

Old World Charm in San Sebastian

AS A TRAVEL destination, San Sebastian – a small coastal town in northern Spain facing the Bay of Biscay and part of the Basque region straddling the border between Spain and France – is blessed with an embarrassment of riches. The city has a proud history, an Instagram-worthy location fronting...

Martha Thorne

Martha Thorne is the dean at a small and relatively unknown architecture school in Spain, but she also has a part-time, behind-the-scenes job that attracts the attention of world-famous architects across the globe.

Oscar Fever

BRAND NEW YEAR, same old stuff. As the entertainment industry gears up for the biggest night on its calendar – the 91st Academy Awards ceremony takes place on Feb 24 – there’s no escaping the fact that controversy, not just celebration, will be part of the programme.

Parag Khanna

Redefining the world order isn’t usually on the to-do list of ordinary citizens but it’s all in a day’s – or book’s – work for author, global strategist, geopolitical commentator and all-round deep thinker Parag Khanna, whose views on the matter are sought by political scientists, policy-makers...

12 Months of Travel

WE ALL KNOW that getting away from it all is becoming harder to do. There was a time when travel to faraway lands meant taking the road less journeyed; now, that road is apt to include a restroom stop just after the Tour Bus from Hell has passed through – it just isn’t the same anymore.

Surya Jhunjhnuwala

SUCCESS HASN’T SPOILED Surya Jhunjhnuwala, who made good after moving to Singapore more than 20 years ago to help with the family business.

Thomas Hoepker

It was during the 1960s – a golden age for photojournalism – that Thomas Hoepker made a name for himself as a globetrotting photographer with an eye for narratives about the human condition. There was a sense of adventure associated with intrepid types who travelled to faraway lands with camera...

Michael Tay

He was a kampung boy who grew up to become a wine-drinking, music-loving plenipotentiary and polymath, but you wouldn’t know it on first meeting him. Michael Tay is an unassuming individual who is at equally ease among heads of state and more ordinary folk – an archetypal Renaissance man. An...

Trina Liang

After years as a high-achieving career woman and high-profile advocate for women’s rights, you’d think Trina Liang would have every reason to take a break from being a role model who rarely hesitates to speak up for underprivileged, unrepresented members of her gender – but you’d be wrong.

Adan Jimenez & Felicia Low-Jimenez

They met at a dinner party, bonded over the X-Men, kissed on the fourth date and, writing together under the pen name A.J. Low, created a precocious, bespectacled kid detective with a penchant for solving mysteries.

Destination Hotels

The journey’s the thing, wrote Homer in his epic poem The Odyssey – and there’s no denying that getting there is often half the fun.

Dinner Most Fowl at Faviken

By any measure, dinner at Faviken Magasinet – a fabled restaurant in Sweden surrounded by pine forests and far removed from any hint of urban sprawl – is an experience to remember. Its isolated setting in a wilderness area south of the Arctic Circle, within a 10,000-hectare forest and former...

Arthur Kiong

Arthur Kiong has a habit of being in the right place at the wrong time – and that’s a good thing

Paul Tange

WHEN YOUR FATHER is a world-famous architect, revered and recognised as a modernist master, living up to his name is an impossible task - especially when you're an architect yourself....