India woos companies that are leaving China

THE migration of global companies out of China has begun as they are worried about rising labour costs in that country and the disruption of their supply lines caused by the coronavirus pandemic. India is making a powerful pitch to benefit from the shift.

'Big Bang' moment for Cambodian stock market

ONE of the world's youngest and smallest bourses, the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), is breaking the shackles of the coronavirus with the recent listing of the country's largest commercial bank, as it moves ahead to implement a blueprint to develop its capital markets.

To bypass China, India should try a 'costless trick'

INDIA'S economic policy elite has been oscillating in its recommendations of doing business with China, from denying Chinese companies the big-ticket contracts to avoiding a trade boycott, which would hurt India more. There is a third option that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be well...

Can the India-China border skirmishes spur Indian economic growth?

THE hand-to-hand combat between Indian and Chinese border troops, which is unlikely to escalate into a limited border war, has been bad for regional harmony. But it has had no impact on companies and consumers of both countries that have benefited right through their skirmishes.


Saving India's migrant workers

A "bad boy" of Bollywood movies makes an unusual transformation from screen villain into a real-life do-gooder. Sonu Sood just could not stand by and watch millions of jobless workers walking thousands of miles back to their village homes when the coronavirus pandemic shut down their workplaces...

India might soon battle a trifecta of calamities

THE "Cyclone Man of India", Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, who is director-general of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), accurately predicted the arrival of Cyclone Amphan in the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. These states could face a trifecta of calamities - even as they are reeling...

Do the poorest Indians need self-reliance or a helping hand?

THE theme of "self reliance" running through the Indian government's US$265 billion financial stimulus package is an excellent one, but its focus and possible outcome is debatable as its horizon is a long-term one. It is certain to be discussed for years to come.

India, China need dose of cricket spirit, not hostile takeovers

THE coronavirus pandemic is impacting the India-China bilateral economic relationship, and both sides need to adopt a spirit of sportsmanship. They should get inspired by their existing collaboration on the cricket field where Chinese companies are investing millions of dollars in sponsoring...

Pharma firms must stay healthy to win vaccine race

THE race to produce a vaccine against the novel coronavirus is featuring five Indian multinational pharmaceuticals and biotech companies and two research institutes that are aiming to deliver vaccines and super drugs at prices much below their global counterparts. So far, more than 40 companies...

Pandemic creates India, China rivalry

THE coronavirus pandemic is creating a new arena of rivalry between India and China to win hearts and minds of South Asian countries that have long been at the centre of their competition.

India's emergency aid package a timely one

INDIA has launched a timely emergency package worth US$22.5 billion to provide food and cash to millions of its poorest workers who are bearing the brunt of the 21-day nationwide lockdown aimed at containing Covid-19 in the world's second most populous country.

Vietnam is preparing for a revival of the 2018 golden period of IPOs

VIETNAM is launching a new wave of market reforms whose centrepiece is to stage a cluster of initial public offerings (IPOs) of its most profitable state-owned banks. An ambitious listing programme began in early 2018 with spectacularly successful IPOs of a few commercial banks, but it was then...

Pomp and pageantry, but what did Trump's India trip achieve?

THE showpiece of US President Donald Trump's visit to India was the spectacle of a mega political rally that was aimed more at influencing the four million-strong Indian-American community in America to vote for him, and less about crucial issues of an omnibus trade deal that has been postponed...

North-eastern India can be a trade hinge linking South Asia and Asean

THE fortunes of India's resource-rich North Eastern Region (NER) depend not just on its own trade with the rest of India and with its immediate neighbours such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal, but also with Asean.

The scramble to patent traditional knowledge should be halted

THERE are growing worries about American "cultural imperialism" and piracy of Indian traditional knowledge such as neem, turmeric and basmati rice through US patent laws that do not adequately protect such intellectual property.

Is Bayer's eco-friendly policy for real?

THE end of the era of cancer-causing chemicals is imminent. Or is it? There are signs that the agrichemicals giant, Bayer AG - facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that its bestselling Roundup weed-killer causes cancer - may manufacture safer products.

India's 'chilli region' needs to get hotter

THE Bhut Jolokia or "Ghost Chilli" from India's mountainous North Eastern Region (NER), favoured and feared as one of the hottest chillies in the world, has growing international markets which could get even bigger with proper marketing and branding.

Lao bourse needs more transparency, openness

THE fledgling Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) has kept its scoreboard ticking with new listings and reforms since it was launched almost 10 years ago.

Cambodia's urban goals run into challenge of building Angkor Wat 2.0

CAMBODIA is building both "smart" cities and "liveable" cities under a mishmash of well-meaning plans that aim to attract investment and talent, create new production and service ecosystems, and develop supply chains. There is no shortage of good advice, but funds and a coherent strategy are...

India faces 2022 deadline for attaining economic goals

IT HAS been exactly one year since the Indian government announced its "Strategy for New India @ 75" that aims to transform the economy by 2022 by creating so-called "agripreneurs" and upgrading manufacturing to Industry 4.0 standards, among other ambitious goals.

All that glitters is not Golden Rice

AS MARKETING gimmicks go, the name Golden Rice should have been a runaway success. Instead, widespread protests are being staged against the imminent introduction of this genetically modified (GM) rice in Bangladesh as well as in the Philippines, Indonesia and India because it poses risks to...

India should take the RCEP route to trade integration

INDIA must quickly negotiate the sticking points to joining the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) grouping, which is further prying open the relatively protected Indian market. New Delhi must not stay out of - or get left behind - the US$2.8 trillion trading area to be...

Pick a dance partner carefully in this market

THE floor is getting dusted with powder, but where are the dancers?

India laws a dose of reality for Big Pharma

THE United States was on the verge of making a controversial amendment to the US patent law in June this year that would have modelled it on India's Patent Law which prohibits the patenting of new forms, new uses and new methods of administration of new medicines unless the patent applicant can...

Anti-GMO 'rock star' continues to challenge 'Big Six' corporations

THE "rock star" of the global movement opposing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Vandana Shiva, has been taking on the "Big Six" producers of GMOs even as their agricultural use is banned or restricted in some countries, and they are fighting court cases in others.