There are some things we shouldn't adapt to

WHENEVER great changes promise (or threaten) to overtake a society, there is usually some resistance. But there is also a strong sense that if the change seems inevitable, the sensible thing to do is to adapt. Sometimes, that is the best way - but not always.

There can be no realistic picture without ground-up analysis

IN the decades before the collapse of the Soviet Union, global politics seemed so simple: there was the USA and its allies and friends on one side, and the Soviet Union and its allies and friends on the other.


The toxic collective guilt mentality

ONE of the most baleful ideas to poison human thinking is that of collective guilt. It links the killer who murdered Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand, with those who carried out vicious bomb attacks focused on Christians in Sri Lanka, as well as a multiplicity of acts of extreme...


A second Spring?

AT SOME point in the next year, Syria is likely to be readmitted to the Arab League, after an eight-year suspension. Gulf states are quietly rebuilding ties with the Assad regime and the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus in December. The moves signal the consensus among the Arab states that...

Democracy must contest the threat from within

IT HAS been said that the easiest way to take a fortress is from the inside, which probably makes it the easiest way for defenders to lose one too. In an era when democracy and its associated values are under threat from authoritarian politicians, nationalist parties, religious extremists and...