Trees for All Seasons

ASK A TOURIST what’s one thing they remember about Singapore, and it is likely to be how green the city is, with the proliferation of trees around the island. For that, we have the late Lee Kuan Kew to thank for his green vision.

Singing in the Streets

WAYANG, OR CHINESE street opera, appeared in Singapore with the arrival of Chinese immigrants in the 1850s. They built temples and staged performances outdoors on the deities’ birthdays and for other festivals.

Tales From Long Ago

Animal Park

SINGAPORE didn’t always have its famous zoo, even if it seems that way. The first one opened at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1875 after a suggestion by a governor at the time, Sir Henry Ord. However, it closed in 1905 due to lack of funds to keep the animals and the inability to manage their...

Making The Call

HAVE YOU EVER watched old black-and-white Hollywood movies from the 1950’s or 60’s, when it was common to see telephone operators at work, swiftly plugging and unplugging one circuit after another on a large switchboard as they connected people on the phone? In the 60’s, Singapore was the same,...

There and Back Again

The pasar malam – or ‘night market’ in Malay, has gone through several guises since the 1950’s.

Public Bookshelf

SINGAPORE GOT ITS first public library in 1823, when Stamford Raffles had one installed in Raffles Institution, then known as Singapore Institution.

Chingay Blast From The Past

CHINGAY IS A street parade held every year in Singapore during Chinese New Year. It was inspired by the original festival in China when giant, elaborately decorated floats would form a slow procession along the streets, while dolled-up children waved to passersby below from their perch.

Lions In The City

HOW DID THE lion dance come about? Legend has it that villagers in China would dress as a lion to scare away Nian, a monster that ate their crops and livestock. In addition, the villagers would bang gongs and cymbals, creating a huge racket to further frighten Nian. This same lion dance...

Way Of Life

FROM BARBERS TO FORTUNE TELLERS, knife sharpeners to scribes, a plethora of small businesses were set up on the walkways of Singapore to attract the attention of passers by in need of some quick services.

Sea Games

Until around the 1960s, thousands of people would throng Clifford Pier, trying to watch the New Year Sea Sports event on the first day of the year.

Taste Of Lebanon

For one night only, Julian Youssef will be guest bartender at restaurant and bar Tippling Club.

Food For Shot

Singapore has nominated hawker culture for the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Living life better in 2019

2018 has been a tumultuous year on many fronts. The markets have been volatile, with the possibility of 2019 bringing more gloom.

Party On

Some believe New Year’s Eve is best spent at home. This article is not for them. Grab your party favours and find out where to shake your booty till the clock strikes 12. 

A Christmas Past

Christmas wasn’t always celebrated nationwide. In 1970, setting up a tree in People’s Park Complex was a big deal. It was made of cardboard, stood at 35 feet and cost $3000. Compare that to now, when Christmas sees the city festooned in extravagant decor - even if its origins are neglected....

Go Green And Prosper

Defiantly drink through metal straws, re-use plastic, and acknowledge climate change at LOOP, an eco-friendly festival taking place the whole of this month.

Snow Place Like Helsinki

If you want to sing along to White Christmas and mean it, then consider wintry Helsinki as a holiday destination this December. Appreciate the aesthetic value of snow but not its temperature? Perspire gratefully in the saunas and pools located within the Finnish capital. Stew in the Löyly, a...