Biden should respond with his own China strategy

HISTORIANS who study the US slide into the military quagmire of the Vietnam War in the second half of the 20th century point out that two Democratic presidents - John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson - had played leading roles in getting Americans involved in that long and costly intervention in...

Trump's re-election bid is in Big Trouble

YOU might almost feel sorry for President Donald Trump when you watch his somewhat unnerving performances during the daily televised news briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and then read the ensuing angry tweets (in which he seemed to confuse the Pulitzer Prize with the Nobel...

Bashing 'Beijing Biden' to win re-election

DURING the 2016 presidential race then-Republican candidate Donald Trump placed the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America at the centre of his campaign. He vowed to build a "beautiful" wall on the US southern border, deport thousands of illegal immigrants from the country...

Shape of things to come after Covid-19

IT HAS been compared to the Spanish Flu that caused the death of tens of millions at the start of the 20th century; at the same time it's already apparent that its economic consequences could be the worst the world has suffered since the Great Depression.

Virus to transform US presidential campaign

IT WAS not so long ago, during the Pre-Coronavirus Age, that we had a more or less clear idea of how the 2020 US presidential election campaign would evolve.

The diplomatic virus endangering Sino-US ties

BACK on Feb 17 when reports from Wuhan, China, painted the horrific scenes of hundreds of victims succumbing to the mysterious Covid-19 virus, the World Health Organization (WTO) sounded alarm bells over the dwindling supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.

Trump's labels amid virus battle fan anti-Asian racism

AFTER trying to play down the potential threat that the novel coronavirus was posing to Americans, and even suggesting at one point that it was a "hoax" perpetrated by the "fake news" media and the Democrats, US President Donald Trump is now rewriting history and suggesting that he has always...

Should America return to big government?

IT MAY sound now like an echo of a pre-historic era in Washington. But there was a time not long ago when Republican lawmakers, adhering to their free market principles, were intent on sabotaging any attempt by the federal government to manage the American economy and when the idea of fiscal...

US presidential election in the age of the novel coronavirus

NATURAL disasters, including epidemics, can have major impact on the economics and politics of nations. Hence, when the Black Death swept through Europe and wiped out a third of its population, it also helped accelerate the dismantling of feudalism.

Don't expect an Obama Administration II with Biden

IT IS no surprise that US President Donald Trump's address to the nation on Wednesday, in which he detailed his administration's effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus, was framed as a nationalist battle cry, of Us versus Them.

It's back to square one: Biden vs Trump

SO it would seem that in the end, conventional wisdom proves spot-on? Well no, not always. Remember when it was said that Donald Trump would never be elected president?

The president who did not rise to the occasion

LET us start by stating the obvious: US President Donald Trump may be responsible for America's current political divisions and for many lousy policy decisions. But then we should not blame the Donald for the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. No "collusion" with Russia in this instance.

Biden makes a comeback, but don't write off Bernie yet

YOUNGER readers may not remember this, but former Vice-President Joe Biden has already run for the office of President of the United States twice - in 1988 and in 2008 - and in both those races, he failed to win even one primary or caucus.

Going from a bad dream to a nightmare?

IT WAS only three decades ago that the Berlin Wall fell, and the liberal-democratic West, led by the United States, declared victory over communism in the Cold War, and did that 45 years after defeating fascism in World War II.