Lexus ES review: Go hybrid or go home

WHY say "yes" to a Lexus ES? Plenty of reasons, starting with the fact that it generally undercuts its foes. With other Lexus models, you tend to pay as much as, or even more than what you have to for a German rival, but the ES starts at a downright reasonable S$208,800, including...

BMW is in a serious fight. This is its secret weapon.

HARALD KRUEGER feels this is the most exciting time to be running a car company. "It's also the most challenging, because of regulations, because of the trade situation worldwide," the chairman and chief executive of BMW Group said. "But at BMW, I'm optimistic, because it...

Mercedes CLS review: Drive this to sharpen your EQ

THIS car is a stroke of genius in action. You might not know (or care), but the Mercedes CLS came about when someone had the idea of taking the bones of the staid but stately E-Class and draping them in shapelier flesh.

Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement 2.0 TSI: Czech mate

FOR a small and medium enterprise owner (SME), only two cars represent the gold standard in how the directors should get around: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

These three letters might help you find the perfect balance of furious and luxurious in a car

ASSUMING you've been dealt certain cards in life and managed to play them exceedingly well, then there ought to come a point when you have to decide not whether to buy a Porsche, but which Porsche to buy...

In the car business, the real investing comes after the selling

OF all the things that happen inside a car workshop, gourmet meals are probably the last thing you might imagine. But hosting welcome dinners for new customers inside a spotless Porsche workshop is one way Eurokars Group is thinking of putting its new aftersales building to use.

Your next Mercedes will be electric - whether you like it or not

STILL sceptical about electric cars? Like it or not, Mercedes-Benz is determined to change your mind. By 2022, there will be electric propulsion in every new Mercedes.

Mercedes S 560 e review: Why this S-Class is better than yours

MERCEDES' flagship limousine is renowned for its comfort, but there's one way to build a better S-Class: add an electric motor. The newly unveiled S 560 e does just that, complementing its twin-turbo V6 engine with a 122 horsepower electric motor. ...

More sporty Kias are on the way

KIA has a sterling image for delivering value for money and, thanks to a growing body of positive survey results, a budding reputation for quality. But what about sportiness?

Want to prosper in the digital age? Move to Singapore

FOR Hildegard Wortmann, Singapore is the place to be. The senior vice-president for Asia-Pacific at BMW Group moved here in January to take up a role that was created when the Bavarian luxury car maker reorganised its sales regions.

For Performance Motors' new boss, motorcycles sharpen the BMW brand

YOU'RE just as likely to find the new managing director of Performance Motors Limited (PML) on two wheels as four. Just don't expect an engine to be involved. Arnt Bayer, who took up the role in August, is an avid cyclist...

Ferrari rolls out plans to raise buyer numbers, payouts and margins

FERRARI will mine its past to turbocharge future profits. And don't expect a Sport Utility Vehicle (or SUV) to add a penny to its coffers in the near future...

A wild ride in BMW's X3

I SET OFF in a BMW X3 xDrive30d, determined to spot the "Big 5", the magnificent creatures for which South Africa is famed: leopards, lions, rhinos, elephants and Charlize Theron...

Mini JCW review: Super Cooper

NAMES like Ferrari, McLaren or Mercedes might be titans of Formula One racing, but how about Mini? True, you won't see a Mini on the grid, but one name on certain cars from the brand has had a monumental effect on the sport...

The Kia inspired by a Maserati

THE Kia Stinger GT may have been launched in Singapore only this year, but in some ways the striking fastback was born five decades ago.

Who needs a car showroom? Public spaces are the way to go now

TOMORROW a motor show with a twist - all the cars there are either BMWs or Minis - opens in Singapore.

Suzuki Swift review: Delivering a swift kick

IT'S back, the little city hatch with that alliterative, mellifluous name, the Suzuki Swift. This habitual bestseller for its maker made a quiet exit from our market when pricey Certificates Of Entitlement made it too expensive to sell well here...

Kia Cerato review: A Korean car for the price of a Japanese meal

CARS at this end of the market are always about numbers, so how about this? You can have a lovely degustation meal for two at Waku Ghin every month, or own a Kia Cerato. Monthly instalments for the compact car from South Korea start at S$744.

Why the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a hot prospect at S$1.3m

THE first sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Rolls-Royce has landed, with a price tag of S$1,268,888. The Cullinan was launched at the Ritz-Carlton on Aug 7. The occasion marked the car's South-east Asian debut...

From orange peel to AI: the strange things that shape tyres

IT doesn't take a genius to realise that tyres are round and black on the outside. But to design new products from the inside, tyre companies are turning to the brain power that machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) offer...

Mazda 6 review: Dripping with 6 appeal

IF it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck (though if you ask me, tasting it would have been simpler).

This Range Rover SUV can beat a Ferrari

MOVE aside, Ferrari. The fastest Range Rover to date is in town.

Electric race cars can now outpace petrol-powered ones

CAN electric cars deliver the raw thrills that traditional racing cars do? They can certainly deliver the speed, and more. Volkswagen's I.D. R Pikes Peak has just smashed a record for electric vehicles (EVs) at the Goodwood Hillclimb, defeating all fossil fuel-powered cars on the way to...

Land Rover Discovery 2.0 review: Less is roar

HAS this ever happened to you? You're supposed to collect your wife in 10 minutes from somewhere 20 minutes away when she calls to check if you're on your way, because women are wise like that. Of course you are, you tell her. Then you scramble to put trousers on and scurry to the car...

Jaguar I-Pace review: Better than a Tesla?

IF any car can appeal to petrolheads without actually using petrol, one made by Tesla ought to do it. But so too should this, the Jaguar I-Pace.