2019 Porsche 911 review: Iconoclast

A NEW Porsche 911 rolled into town on Tuesday, and the good news is, nearly everything about it has been revamped. It's longer, wider, has a redesigned interior and is powered by a new engine.

BMW launches first of its kind subscription service here

IF there's one thing Singaporeans love, it's a buffet. But how will people here take to an all-you-can-eat approach to driving BMWs?

Warren Buffett's electric cars are here

THE car market continues to see a surge in electric power, as a new dealer flips the switch here on BYD, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer backed by legendary investor Warren Buffett.

2019 Honda Accord: Will it strike Accord with Singaporeans?

AN old favourite returns. The Honda Accord is back on sale in Singapore tomorrow at Kah Motor's Ubi showroom, after tightening pollution standards forced it from our shores two years ago.

Citroën C5 Aircross review: Unmitigated Gaul

TOMORROW the Tour De France gets underway, which means men with ostrich legs and no fat in their buttocks are about to infest the Alps on bicycles. If they had any sense at all, they would be tackling the route in one of these, the Citroën C5 Aircross.

2019 Mazda 3 review: The Astina returns

WITHIN the Eurokars Group, there seems to be a palpable sense of excitement about the new Mazda 3. That's saying something, because this is a company that also deals with McLarens, Minis, Porsches and Rolls-Royces here.

BMW hits fast forward on electrification

NEVER mind how fast electrified cars can go, they can't get here fast enough. At least, not for BMW.


Price of electric cars still shocking

WHAT'S not to love about the Niro EV, a battery-powered car that Cycle & Carriage Kia launched in Singapore last week? It has a 204 horsepower motor for plucky acceleration, and it can travel 455km on a single charge - as far as some petrol cars can last on a full tank.

Mercedes-AMG C 43 4Matic Coupe review: Why the best C-Class AMG model isn't the most expensive one

THIS is a car that growls at you when you prod it awake, and laughs when you try to unstick its tyres through a corner.

This S$752k Mercedes-AMG is aimed at those who 'win at life'

MERCEDES-BENZ has a car for the highly successful, and it's called the S-Class. The sumptuous, stately sedan has been the brand's flagship since 1972. But plush limousines are no longer top dog at Mercedes, nor at arch-rival BMW.

Kia's EV sales go from zero to Niro

KIA'S Tesla is now in town.

DS 7 Sportback review: What the French know that you don't

THE French have an embarrassing secret. Actually, they probably have lots of them, but pertaining to the car industry, they have one that must be particularly galling: over there, the wealthy buy German cars. But that was before the DS 7 Crossback came along.

Electricity adds zip to Ferrari's fastest

FERRARI is going electric to burn less fuel, but in characteristic style it's also using the technology to burn more rubber.

New BMW 3 Series review: Bumpy progress

IT'S now 2019, so there was no other way for the BMW 3 Series to end up: bigger than ever (it's wider than the first 7 Series, believe it or not) and more digital than the inside of Bill Gates' head.

The new Volkswagen Touareg aims for big-screen success in Singapore

A NEW flagship for Volkswagen has wandered into town. VW Group Singapore launched the new Touareg here last week, putting it on sale more than a year after the previous model was discontinued.

Nissan Leaf review: A current affair

IF YOU drive the Nissan Leaf and have to touch the brake pedal, you're doing it wrong. That might seem a bit dubious, since trying to get by without the brakes sounds like a good way to restyle your car (and possibly someone else's).

F8 Tributo: The Ferrari that Singaporeans are queuing to buy

JUST weeks after making its global debut at the Geneva motor show in March, the Ferrari F8 Tributo rolled into Kuala Lumpur for some customers to get a sneak peek, perchance to snag an early place in the queue for one.


Fold your horses

CHANGI has its Jewel and BMW has this, the new Z4. Granted, the BMW is a mere car and not a strange place to have a mall, yet that doesn't stop people from being intensely curious about what it's like inside, and wanting to know how watertight it is.

Skoda Scala review: Don't stair too hard

THE lazy way to think of a Skoda is to consider it some sort of poor man's Volkswagen, but the Scala shows how that idea is now about as sensible as a pair of paper underpants.

New CEO for Daimler South East Asia

WOLFGANG Huppenbauer, the chief executive officer of Daimler South East Asia, is retiring after 10 years in the post and 39 years with Mercedes-Benz.


BMW M850i Convertible review: Top this if you can

ANOTHER week, another new BMW. Looking at how its 2019 is shaping up, the arch-enemy of Mercedes-Benz has been restless lately, especially at the market's high end.

Check out the 'Louis Vuitton of cars'

IF A three Michelin-starred restaurant or the house of Chanel can epitomise the idea of French luxury, then why not a car? The answer to that might be found inside the DS Salon on Alexandra Road, a newly renovated space at one end of the Cycle & Carriage building.

New BMW 7 Series review: Still the Magnificent 7

IF YOU can't tell that the BMW 7 Series has had a facelift, you might want to call an optometrist. After all, it's come back from the plastic surgeon with a front grille that's 40 per cent larger than before.

BMW X7 review: More than a little Xtra

SO annoyingly logical are the Germans that you can guess what a BMW X7 is from its name. That's right, it's like the X5, BMW's first Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), only bigger and more expensive. No cigar for you....

The most important sport you've never heard of

FORMULA ONE may be considered the pinnacle of motor racing, but Formula E is arguably its future. "It has to be," says Mitch Evans, who drives for Jaguar Racing alongside Nelson Piquet Jr, a former F1 pilot. "This is where the (car) manufacturers are putting their investment....