Global economic policymakers are playing with fire

"DON'T do stupid shit." With the last word turned demurely into "stuff", this became known as the "Obama doctrine". It reflected the lessons Barack Obama had learnt from his presidential predecessor's unnecessary Iraq war. For many, the doctrine was defeatist. Today, I see its merits. It would...

Many things not to 'like' about Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency

LAST week, the Bank of England released the result of an independent review of the future of finance, together with its response. As if to prove the importance of these issues, Facebook and 27 partners announced a plan for a global digital currency to be called Libra, and an associated payment...

The US-China conflict is a global challenge

WHERE does deepening economic conflict between the US and China leave the rest of the world, especially historic allies of the US? In normal circumstances, the latter would stand beside it. The EU, after all, shares many of its concerns about Chinese behaviour.