A home for all nationalities

A UNIQUELY Swiss institution in Singapore is the Swiss Club, which is located in the prime Bukit Timah area. The Swiss Club was established in 1871 and is one of the oldest and most historic clubs in Singapore. Located on Bukit Tinggi, it is an elegant and family friendly retreat surrounded by lush...

Keeping our cool

AS URBAN centres like Singapore become more densely populated and business activity increases, more and more heat is produced in the process. A leading Swiss technical institute is working on a pioneering project with the aim of reducing the impact of heat on the environment in Singapore. Called...

Marche Restaurants Singapore wins SwissCham award

MARCHÉ Restaurants Singapore, which has Swiss roots, is this year's winner of SwissCham's annual award for Excellence in People and Skills Development, which was launched last year. The company has five restaurants in Singapore, and strongly focuses on training and developing its staff at...

Fostering stronger ties

THE new Swiss ambassador, Fabrice Filliez, is a career diplomat. Prior to his appointment as ambassador to Singapore and Brunei, he served in Berne for five years at the Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Matters with the title of Ambassador in charge of multilateral tax matters.

Scenic Switzerland drawing more Singaporean visitors

The Business Times: What are some of the new Swiss tourism offerings that would be of interest to Business Times readers?

Over 400 Swiss companies doing business in Singapore

SWITZERLAND has a long tradition of doing business in Singapore for almost 200 years, and over 400 Swiss companies are present in Singapore today. Hence, the business ties and friendship between Singapore and Switzerland are extraordinarily strong and everlasting, says Tom Ludescher, chairman of...

The Philippines has a lot to celebrate today

IT is celebration time in the Philippines today as it marks the 120th anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence by Emilio Aguinaldo, leader of the Filipino revolutionary forces revolting against colonial rule.

New mood of optimism in South Africa

THERE is palpable excitement in South Africa and there is a new mood of confidence and optimism in the country with a popular new president having taken office. Having been elected as the new leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, 65, was elected by...

Preparing future-ready skilled workforce

AS Singapore's maritime sector is expected to create over 5,000 good jobs by 2025 and create S$4.5 billion in value add, talent development is a key focus in this direction and a lot of investment is being done in the process...

Unions actively supporting talent development

THE labour movement has been actively engaging companies as well as workers in the maritime sector to upskill and reskill with the aim of upgrading and talent development in this important industry. Singapore's status as an international maritime hub contributes 7 per cent of the country'...

Twitter wins in information and comms category

FIRST-TIME participant Twitter Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd has landed an award thanks to the strong growth recorded by the company. It has been awarded the Singapore 1000 - Sales/Turnover Growth Excellence Award in the Information & Communications sector.

Popular Chinese restaurant chain wins award

POPULAR Chinese restaurant chain operator Pu Tien Holdings Pte Ltd is the proud winner of the Singapore SME 1000 - Sales/Turnover Growth Excellence Award in the Hospitality/Food & Beverage sector.

Aspiring to be the best in its class

WINNER of the Singapore SME 1000 - Net Profit Growth Excellence Award for Services, APRO Training Centre Pte Ltd endeavours to be the best in its class as a security training organisation.

EQUVO keeps to zero delinquency

The Singapore SME 1000 - Sales/Turnover Growth Excellence Award for Services has been won by EQUVO Pte Ltd. It topped the services sector in turnover growth.

Two related companies win commerce-retail SME 1000 awards

TWO related companies - UA Sports (SEA) Pte Ltd, and Triple Pte Ltd, have the distinction of winning awards at this year's S1000 awards and rankings in the commerce-retail segment...

Profindo wins in international SME category

AN international SME, Profindo Pte Ltd, won the SME Overseas Sales/Turnover Excellence Award in the Singapore International 100 award category.

Innovation key to transforming sector

WITH the government encouraging more companies to invest in innovation, drive productivity improvements and enhance the skills of the maritime workforce, technological advances play a crucial role in improving productivity.

Building a vibrant ecosystem for the maritime industry

AS PART of its efforts to help build a vibrant and innovative ecosystem for the maritime sector, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has an MOU with NUS Enterprise for the Maritime Technology Acceleration Programme (MTAP). The MOU aims to encourage Singapore's maritime industry...

Taking connectivity to the next level

SINGAPORE is one of the most connected cities in the world with world class infrastructure. But the Republic cannot rest on its laurels. This is because today connectivity is no longer just about physical accessibility, it is also about building a more inter-connected and vibrant network to be an...

Enhancing non-physical links the way forward

ENHANCING non-physical connectivity is the new mantra in the maritime world these days. Leading businesses like APL, NOL, YCH and BHP say that they will be focusing on it with greater vigour going forward.

Being unafraid to take risks counts at JK Tech

THIS is an era of disruptions as traditional businesses are being challenged by new entrants who leverage on technologies that create efficiencies and cost savings that ultimately change the ways we do things.

Nanofilm boss has his eye on the horizon

THE core capability of Nanofilm Technologies International is the next generation coating technology called filtered cathodic vacuum arc (FCVA) which is one of the key new areas in materials science. With FCVA it is possible to modify the surface properties of metal, ceramic and even plastic...

Rallying behind a common goal paying off for PBA

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is an inherent zest and desire to take calculated risks. And it is risks that differentiate a company, a "me too" laggard from an industrial leader, according to Derrick Yap, chief executive officer of PBA International Pte Ltd, which has won the EY Entrepreneur Of The...

Honouring the legacy of the Tolaram Group

TOLARAM Group has been awarded the EY-Standard Chartered Family Business Award of Excellence, an honorary award that is presented on board the EOY platform.

Ascenz's services helping shipping sector power ahead

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a journey which you do with pride and passion as it helps to motivate and inspire people to drive innovation and create things that will impact peoples' lives, says Chia Yoong Hui, chief executive officer, Ascenz Pte Ltd, who is the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year - Maritime...