Brexit will happen by Oct 31 despite letter to EU: UK

BRITAIN says Brexit will happen by Oct 31 despite lawmakers forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to send a letter to the European Union (EU) requesting a delay.

Britain, EU reach Brexit draft deal, all eyes on UK parliament vote

AFTER more than 1,200 days since the Brexit referendum, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has achieved what was thought impossible and has forged a new deal with the European Union (EU).

UK, EU make last-minute adjustments to forge Brexit deal before summit

UK and European Union (EU) negotiators are making frantic last-minute adjustments to forge a Brexit deal before this week's EU leaders' summit.

Danger signs flashing for state of German and British economies

THE biggest problem is the trade stand-off between US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping. But the de-acceleration of the European economy and persistent uncertainty over Brexit are also alarming.

PM Johnson to go on whirlwind tour of EU cities to sell complex Brexit proposal

A SWIFT Brexit deal is essential as business uncertainty is worsening and manufacturing and service surveys indicate that the UK and Germany are slipping into a recession. The sharp slide in UK and European stock markets this week is also dampening sentiment.

UK court annuls parliament suspension in blow to Johnson

ELEVEN judges of the UK's Supreme Court have ruled unanimously that Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he advised Queen Elizabeth to suspend parliament just weeks before Brexit.

Debts with negative yields hit staggering US$17 trillion: BIS report

GLOBAL sovereign and corporate bonds and other debt that traded on negative yields have reached a staggering US$17 trillion in recent weeks, according to a new report released by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) on Sunday (Monday morning, Singapore time).

ECB's latest QE no guarantee eurozone slump will stop

IN HIS swan song address, European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi announced that the central bank would cut rates and boost quantitative easing (QE) or monetary easing.


An ungovernable Britain is an alarm bell for foreign investors

THOSE who observed the unedifying rabble of British politicians shouting and swearing at each other in the Mother of Parliaments are no doubt concerned that the UK is under threat of being ungovernable.

Johnson's gamble has stymied opponents of Brexit

DESPITE vocal opposition MP protests of "tin pot dictator", "coup" and "constitutional outrage", leading lawyers have stated that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acted legally. Even the sterling and the UK stock market recovered after his shock move to suspend parliament for five weeks...

Bargains emerging in UK property as prices drop

PROPERTY investors from around the world currently have the opportunity to purchase apartments and houses in London and the rest of the UK at relatively bargain prices.


Businesses, markets wait with bated breath for UK-EU compromise deal

BUSINESS leaders, currencies and stock markets are on tenterhooks hoping that the European Union (EU) will accept proposals of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and somehow forge a Brexit deal.

Oil prices to hinge on Opec cutting production

THE key to oil prices in the coming year is whether Opec can significantly slash production to counter sliding demand.

Brexit aside, political and economic reasons also behind sterling's slump

BESIDES Brexit, several disturbing economic and political factors are behind sterling's slump.

'War cabinet' to deliver Brexit by Oct 31, even if result is no-deal

BRITAIN'S prime minister Boris Johnson has established a "war cabinet" to deliver Brexit regardless by Oct 31.


Britain's new PM sacks 17 ministers in 'night of the blonde knives'

BRITAIN'S political temperature has soared following Boris Johnson's sacking of a record 17 ministers in what the Tory-supporting Sun dubbed "the night of the blonde knives".

Johnson promises Brexit withdrawal deal

NEW British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to do his utmost to achieve a withdrawal deal with Brexit to end economic uncertainty and "energise" domestic reforms.

Johnson seeks to bolster divided nation but challenges loom

BORIS Johnson, widely expected to be announced as Britain's new prime minister tomorrow, is doing his utmost to bolster a divided nation with the spirit of Winston Churchill.

Lagarde as ECB chief 'could hasten currency devaluations'

ECONOMIC pundits are concerned that Christine Lagarde's appointment as the new European Central Bank (ECB) chief will accelerate competitive devaluations of the euro, yen and other currencies against the US dollar.


First 100 days seen key as polls indicate Johnson set to win party vote

SURVEYS of Tory member voters indicate that Boris Johnson is all but certain to be Britain's next prime minister. As ballot papers arrived for some 160,000 registered voters, a You Gov/Times poll on Saturday indicated that 74 per cent of members backed Mr Johnson against only 26 per cent for...


A murky path towards the UK premiership?

A LACKLUSTRE Tory leader debate on Tuesday revealed that none of the five candidates still in the running to be the UK's next prime minister has fresh ideas to get Brexit through Parliament.

Bond price volatility spikes as Fed, central banks expected to cut rates

GLOOMY investors are buying low-yielding bonds as they fear that the United States and global economies are slowing.


UK leadership election starts on Thursday

TEN Tory candidates - out of an original list of 13 hopefuls - have passed the first hurdle to become Britain's next prime minister.

London house with link to murder mystery up for sale

A HOUSE in Belgravia, linked to one of the most publicised London celebrity murder mysteries, is for sale at £3.25 million (S$5.63 million).

Tories jostle for leadership position

THE next Tory prime minister faces uncomfortable choices - a no deal Brexit, election or second referendum.