Brexit: Desperate attempts to reach customs union compromise

THE European Union (EU) will have to agree on a customs union compromise to prevent the UK crashing out of the union without a Brexit deal.

Governments, institutions struggle to find battle plan for next recession

THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other institutions are grappling with potential strategies to counter any severe economic downturn.

Oil price surge signals critical phase in coming months

OIL prices dipped slightly last Friday after Saudi Prince Mohammed claimed that Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern producers had met Iran's shortfall of oil output. ...

Global economies have lost several trillions to offshore tax havens

MULTI-TRILLION dollars of illegal cash have leaked from nations and landed in offshore tax havens. These outflows have been one of the reasons for below-par economic performance. Global authorities have carried out only limited measures to counter the corruption, even though illegal outflows have...

Danger in soaring foreign currency debt: BIS

TEN years after the 2008 financial meltdown, soaring foreign currency debt is endangering financial markets.

De Beers' millennial push a model for fashion, luxury retail

DE BEERS' insights into millennial earnings, wealth and desires could well be a model for fashion, luxury and other businesses...

Prime London residential prices at lowest levels in 5 years

LONDON'S prime property prices have fallen to their lowest levels in five years wiping out gains from the last residential boom from 2010 to 2014...

Will Powell bend to Trump's desire for lower US dollar?

NOTWITHSTANDING its retreat from the peak in recent days, the US dollar's latest rally is underpinned by several factors...

Contingency plans announced if Britain crashes out with no Brexit deal

THE UK government's contingency plans against a no deal Brexit have failed to allay fears of potential disruptive havoc for businesses, services and people...

Massive bear positions in US futures, options help push gold down

MOST precious metals analysts say that the strong US dollar has pushed gold down to a 2018 low of US$1,175 an ounce. Another key reason, however, has been a massive increase in bearish positions on derivative exchanges.

Turkish crisis exacerbates existing debt problem

THE Turkish financial crisis exacerbates an emerging market foreign debt problem that has been brewing for some time.

Growing support for Britain to join Efta

GROWING numbers of key individuals across the political spectrum are saying that the UK should join the European Free Trade Association (Efta) after Brexit.

Foreign currency borrowing at new high in Asia

FOREIGN currency borrowing of Asian governments and corporations has soared to new heights, helping finance companies and boosting growth.

Surge in crop prices may boost global inflation

A SURGE in key agricultural commodity prices could cause an unexpected spike in US, European and Asian inflation. The key question would be the extent of the impact on both overall producer and consumer inflation.

Trump, EU agree on temporary truce

THE Trump Administration and European Union (EU) negotiators have agreed on a temporary truce to prevent an escalation in their trade war.

Brexit negotiators have to compromise to avoid economic fallout

EUROPEAN Union (EU) and UK Brexit negotiators will have to come to a workable Brexit compromise to prevent a severe financial and economic dislocation.

Brexit White Paper alarms UK business leaders

LEADERS of the UK's financial sector are alarmed that the government's negotiating proposals will place the City of London at a major disadvantage. The fear is that the loss of independence will boost New York, Singapore and other financial centres. Moreover, the proposals - likely to be...

Markets unfazed over exits in May's inner circle

REMARKABLY, UK currency and stock markets were relatively relaxed about the resignation of David Davis, Brexit Secretary and later Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary. Despite worries about an impending political "crisis", sterling first rose against the US dollar and euro, but then dipped...

Theresa May sees off rebels, allowing freedom to negotiate Brexit

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May has narrowly escaped a vote loss in Parliament and leadership threat after Tory rebels voted for the European Union (EU) Withdrawal Bill.

Watch the tech stocks as caution reigns over markets

IT is three months to the 10th anniversary of the stock market crash. Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy in September 2008, setting in motion a swift downward draft from global shares and commodities to gold and property. US Treasury bonds, backed by a surge of the US dollar, were by far the...

May struggles to iron out kinks in parliament as Brexit looms

TIME is ticking towards Brexit but British Prime Minister Theresa May is still struggling to get parliament on her side. The rows ahead of last-stage negotiations with the European Union are now a serious worry for businesses.

Mixed response to De Beers' two-prong lab-grown and natural diamond strategy

THE jury is still out on De Beers' decision to enter the lab-grown gem market...

Long hot summer awaits Italy and eurozone ahead of polls

It is going to be a long hot summer for the eurozone ahead of expected Italian elections in coming months.

Gold bulls puzzled why metal hasn't performed amid tensions

GOLD bulls are puzzled why gold hasn't performed in the face of geopolitical uncertainty and a surging oil price...

Opec may raise oil production despite falling demand

BRENT crude oil prices have just breached the US$80-a-barrel mark, but demand is beginning to slip even as the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) may raise production at its upcoming meeting on June 22.