Cult Japanese Cuisine

IF THERE'S ANYTHING FORTUNE CENTRE is known for, it's the plethora of affordable Chinese-style vegetarian food available in the daytime. There's a bustle of activity that dies down once it gets dark and most of these old school-eateries have closed for the day, turning the mall into...

Crazy About Cocoa

THE CRAFT CHOCOLATE trend can be described as following the same path as third-wave coffee - independent artisans popping up to showcase a variety of flavours from single origins, handcrafting small-batch products, and getting as close as possible to the source.

Farm to table, Singapore-style

HAN LI GUANG PETS a fuzzy little goat on the head at Hay Dairies - Singapore's only goat farm that sits in what little 'countryside' we have in Kranji, along with other farms growing vegetables or rearing frogs and fat ornamental koi. But unlike visitors who are happy to wander...

Halal Eateries Go Upmarket

HALAL IZAKAYAS? Wine-free modern European food? Muslim dining options have taken on a distinctly progressive vibe as more eateries emerge to offer high-end alternatives to halal fast food and traditional cuisine.

A toast to sake and natural wines

MeA couple of weeks ago at a private dinner held at the restaurant Nouri, guests were fighting to take a selfie with the man of the evening Naoto Mizuno - the eighth-generation owner of cult sake brewery Kokuryu and generally acknowledged as sake royalty, thanks to Japanese crown prince Naruhito...

From Hawker To Haute Cuisine

CRISPY CHICKEN RENDANG SOUNDS like something a Singaporean chef might dream up, along with the likes of buah keluak ice cream, jellied bak kut teh or laksa linguine. But while crispy rendang memes and jokes will be forgotten as quickly as the MasterChef judge who sparked them, is so-called...

The eclectic chef

Chilli obsession

Memories - a MINI look at Singapore's heritage

Clans of Chinatown

Chinatowns can be found in most major cities around the world, and they are always buzzing with life and the promise of good, cheap food. Singapore is no different, even though the Chinese are the dominant race. But here, it's the place where the first immigrants settled when they set foot on...