Hold the cynicism. It's a long runway for flying taxis in S'pore

SINGAPORE'S Ministry of Transport had told The Business Times on Wednesday that it is in talks with some companies to try out flying taxis...

February factory output growth beats 10% analyst forecast

ECONOMISTS in Singapore are keeping a close watch on a scheduled monetary policy statement due early April, following Friday's release of factory output data that showed a broader uplift for the manufacturing sector...

LTA scuppers national bicycle-sharing plans as privately-funded firms emerge

THE Singapore government is pulling the plug on a planned national bicycle-sharing system, as privately-funded dockless bicycle-sharing services start to roll out on Singapore's streets...

Airbus to run parcel-delivery drone trial, and maybe one for flying taxis in S'pore

AVIATION giant Airbus said it will reveal more details "in the coming months" about an unmanned parcel-delivery drone trial in Singapore, one that could be extended to transporting passengers too...

Singapore in talks with firms to try out 'flying taxis'

WANT to get back home at the end of the day in a levitating hovercraft?

Government can help, but firms, workers need to do their part

GOVERNMENT regulations and approaches should not hinder innovation in Singapore's future economy, but instead unlock value for the private sector...

Make it fare for all in new taxi-ride pricing system

THE trend for taxi fares is clear. How they are calculated is still not. Ride-hailing app Grab has introduced a new service that pools all taxis and private cars together, charging rides made in any of them on the same fare structure.

Grab pools taxis and private cars on dynamic fares into JustGrab

IN one fell swoop, Grab is merging what used to be the two separate markets of taxis and private-hire cars into one - a move that observers say can entrench its market dominance.

New ministerial-level group to raise game in planning, executing digital tech policies

THE Singapore government, aiming to become more effective in drawing up and implementing policies for the deployment of digital technology, will set up a ministerial-level unit to see to this.

Singapore govt to form ministerial-level group for digital tech strategies

THE Singapore government is forming a new ministerial-level planning group to coordinate its digital technology strategies and responses.

Grab to start new service with surge pricing for taxi companies

IN a new service to be offered by ride-hailing app Grab next week, taxi companies in Singapore will start introducing a fare option that will fluctuate based on real-time demand and supply.

No surge pricing now, but a flat-fare structure similar to metered fares soon: ComfortDelGro

THERE will be no surge pricing for now, but a flat-fare option based on current fare structures will be introduced in two to three weeks' time for the mobile app users of Singapore's largest taxi company, ComfortDelGro...

S'pore 'heartened' TPP members looking to preserve pact benefits

SINGAPORE is "heartened" by a decision made by parties to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to continue looking into how they can reap the benefits of the mega trade deal, even as no decision was made on its future...

S'pore's carbon tax not enough to encourage energy efficiency

SINGAPORE'S carbon tax is a good first step towards a carbon-free future, but it is not doing enough to encourage the cars, trucks and ships that ply its streets and seas to be more energy-efficient, a top executive at Royal Dutch Shell told The Business Timesyesterday...

Singapore 'heartened' that TPP members exploring options to preserve pact benefits

SINGAPORE welcomed a decision made by parties to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to continue seeing how they can reap the benefits of the mega trade deal, even as no decision was made on the future of the deal.

Brighter outlook for Singapore's trade-dependent sectors, dimmer prospects at home

A TWO-SPEED economy has emerged in Singapore, going by the latest survey among private-sector economists, the results of which were released on Wednesday.

Economists now more upbeat on Singapore economic growth

PRIVATE-SECTOR economists are now considerably more upbeat about prospects for Singapore's economic growth this year, predicting that it will grow at a faster pace, with external-facing sectors leading the pack...

Singapore property market finally sees slight easing - and a new stamp duty

SINGAPORE announced on Friday targeted tweaks to property market measures and a new stamp duty - moves that observers said are in response to recent developments in the property market and the wider economy.

Singapore relaxes Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) rates

THE Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) for residential properties in Singapore will be relaxed, the government announced on Friday...

Singapore TDSR relaxed for mortgage equity withdrawal loans

THE Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) will no longer be applied starting March 11 for mortgage equity withdrawal loans that have a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 50 per cent and below.

Singapore introduces new stamp duty for buyers and sellers of property-holding entities

THERE will be a new stamp duty levied on the purchase and sale of equity interest in property holding entities (PHE) with effect from March 11.

GST relief on goods below S$400 likely to go

THAT relief on goods and services tax (GST) that online shoppers enjoy when buying lower-priced goods from overseas? It will likely be scrapped, said panellists at a discussion on Wednesday.

More infant-care leave, and perhaps a baby boost?

The week got off to a shocking start - at least for fans of the most nominated musical in the Academy Awards' history, La La Land...

Singapore gives fiscal boost to firms and workers to go further

SINGAPORE is doubling down on efforts to tap into external markets and beefing up its domestic sectors to ensure that the economy can grow steadily.

Singapore opens doors and access to funds for foreign entrepreneurs

WHILE economies elsewhere are shutting foreign talent out, Singapore is making moves to poach some of the world's brightest minds to feed its ambition to become the next Silicon Valley...