China's rebound points to weakness in economy

WHILE China's latest quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) data shows a strong economic rebound, analysts say they also point to continuing distortions in the economy with debt continuing to rise and consumption lagging behind supply.

China's economy rebounds strongly in second quarter

CHINA'S economy rebounded in the second quarter as stimulus measures avoided a recession, with most of the country reopening successfully after nearly two months of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


China's June exports rise as economies reopen; imports also up

CHINA'S exports and imports both jumped in June, confirming a recovery of activity as other countries gradually reopen their economies after months of forced lockdown due to the coronavirus.

China stock market on a roll; analysts warn of repeat of 2015 bubble

CHINA'S stock market is outperforming all its peers globally, fuelled by a relaxed monetary policy, an anticipated economic recovery and government assurance that stocks will keep climbing.

China's manufacturing sector beats expectations in June

CHINA'S manufacturing sector rebounded in June led by better-than-expected domestic demand, two surveys showed, though challenges remain with the coronavirus still spreading worldwide.

China's banking system under stress as economy slows

CHINA'S banking system is at the forefront of the country's recovery plan which could weaken the banks, already hampered by years of inefficient lending and slower economic growth.

China's factory output continues rebound in May

CHINA'S factory output continued its rebound in May, but domestic demand and infrastructure investment continued to contract, just as Beijing faces a potential second wave of the coronavirus that could affect the fragile recovery of the economy and keep a lid on consumer spending.

China's manufacturing sector expands in May; unemployment remains high

CHINA'S vast manufacturing sector grew last month as scores of factories continued to reopen after more than two months in lockdown, but demand remains weak pointing to slow economic recovery ahead.

China defends economic response to Covid-19

CHINA'S economy will grow this year and the government still has room to accommodate fiscal and monetary measures, said Premier Li Keqiang at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.

Economy, international relations on agenda as China's parliament convenes

CHINA'S National People's Congress - which convenes on Friday after a two-month delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic - will be critical for Beijing as it is keen to show the world it has successfully overcome the outbreak amid rising international criticism.


US-China Phase One deal inching towards brink of collapse

AS US-China tensions continue to rise, the Phase One trade deal signed earlier this year between the world's two largest economies may not outlive the Covid-19 pandemic.

China's growth engine picking up slowly, but challenges remain

INDUSTRIAL output for the month of May rose for the first time this year as China's millions of factories reopened, but the world's second-largest economy still faces many challenges including lagging demand due to record unemployment.

As Covid-19 eases, China faces huge unemployment challenge

LIU Zhang, who runs an events company in Beijing, should normally be recruiting more people ahead of China's marathon season as he always does in the month of April.

Many of China's Belt & Road Initiative projects put on hold due to Covid-19

THE Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing global economic crisis will push China to change its Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) strategy, both in the short and long term, according to analysts.


China Q1 GDP records historic contraction of 6.8%

CHINA'S gross domestic product (GDP) in the first three months of the year shrank by 6.8 per cent, its lowest rate on record as the coronavirus pandemic bought the world's second-largest economy to a standstill.

China trade beats expectations in March as economy picks up

CHINA'S imports and exports continued to drop in March but at a slower-than-expected rate, as the country's millions of factories gradually returned to work after a prolonged break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

China's carmakers hope for sustainable recovery

CHINA'S automotive sector is slowly springing back to life, but analysts remain very cautious about a sustainable rebound as vehicle makers will face tighter demand at home and abroad until the end of 2020.


Looming global recession could put China's green energy plans on hold

AS China gets ready to face its slowest annual growth in over 50 years, signs are mounting that it may put its plans for green energy transition on hold, at least temporarily.

China's manufacturing sector performs strongly in March, but challenges remain

CHINA'S vast manufacturing sector rebounded in March as millions of factories finally reopened, but the uptick may be short-lived with the Covid-19 virus hitting economies worldwide and a looming global recession.


China looks headed for worst economic performance in 50 years

CHINA could be heading for its worst economic performance in 50 years, with the latest monthly data published last week confirming the depth of its economic standstill.

China inflation hits 5.2% in Feb on surge in pork prices

CHINA'S consumer price index (CPI) was up 5.2 per cent in February due largely to a sharp rise in pork prices.

China's SMEs struggling to stay afloat despite Beijing's efforts to restart economy

A BUSINESSWOMAN who owns 11 restaurants in Beijing is getting ready to file for bankruptcy, no thanks to the Covid-19 virus that has crippled nearly every sector in China, including the food and beverage industry.

China's manufacturing sector slumps in February

CHINA'S manufacturing sector slumped to a record low in February as factories were hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak, which bought supply chains across the country to a halt.


China pushes firms to get back to work even as virus fears persist

CHINA is pushing its companies to get back to work as the number of new daily Covid-19 cases outside of Wuhan - the epicentre of the novel coronavirus - is dropping significantly.


China's e-commerce sector helps cushion retail losses caused by Covid-19 outbreak

DESPITE a near-shutdown in China due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it's not all bad for retailers in the world's second-largest economy.